Best new map post launch?

What do you think the best NEW original map TC made post launch in gears 5? Allfathers arena, pahanu, Reactor, nexus, regency, tomb, ephyra, ritual, village?

I’d go with Nexus or Allfathers. The former more likely than the latter.


Pahanu. :yum:
Too soon!? :smirk:

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Speaking of aesthetics, Pahanu is a serious contender for the win, but gameplay wise? no need to answer that one :smile:

Tomb is #1 for me with Ephyra being a close second.

Game play is the main factor but if aesthetics can’t keep up then it will be quickly forgotten.

Tombs my favorite, allfathers is my second choice.

I like Nexus and all but I’m not the biggest fan of the whole immulsion aesthetic it has going on. And that goes for any immulsion based map, I’ve never been a fan of it :sweat_smile:

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Village 110%

Awesome for Horde.

Awesome for versus. Its close quarters and the layout isn’t rifle focused.

Very quality map design and aesthetics.

Although all the Post Launch TC original maps have been top notch. Yes, even Pahanu.

I don’t know which TC map I like more : Diner or Village. Theyre both really good maps.

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Village, Nexus and Tomb are all bangers in my book, atmosphere wise TC really nailed it.

Runner ups for me would be Diner, Dawn and Relic.

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Tomb gets my vote

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Says a lot about your character

best gnasher map imo. Can camp at sniper, and if enemy is too good, rush to boom and just slap em

The Locust feared imulsion as well, they wouldn’t deliberately put a fountain of it in one of their locations.


It looks cool but it is so out of place. It would belong on a more Lambent focused map.

I dunno. Did they? They used Imulsion for experiments on their own soldiers in the early days and used it for weaponry as well (Torque Bows). I always figured that like humans, for a very long time they didn’t make the connection between the Lambent and Imulsion.

Well the Rise of RAAM comics clearly showed them fighting Lambent prior to E-Day(and the entire reason for E-Day were the Lambent), so I would assume they knew the connection, but Ukkon likely found a way to introduce Imulsion into an organism in a more stable way than the erratic Lambent mutations.

However Nexus is basically built on top of a gigantic Imulsion lake, or at least its central part is, so unless you completely avoided building near the bottom of it, they’d have to incorporate it into their structures somehow, especially if it was used to power machinery in one way or another.

Yes, but at what point did they realise that Imulsion was causing Lambency? It’s one thing to fear the Lambent as an invading army, but another to fear a parasite which was turning your own against you. Even in GOW3 the Locust had established factories close to the surface in the Deadlands to create Tickers.

The line is a bit unclear. Considering Myrrah and Adam were working together prior to the Locust invading the surface, I’d have to assume there was some knowledge on both sides, but since we were never clearly told how Imulsion was a parasite until Gears 3… like I said, kinda hard to judge. I sort of doubt that while the Kantus were building Nexus or the Locust were helping to expand on the existing structures, they were aware of the parasitic properties of Imulsion(even if they may have known that it was capable of genetic mutation with the likes of Ukkon creating Brumaks and the like).

Reactor just takes it for me. Nexus and Allfathers are a close second and third respectively.

Bar pahanu (though it’s still OK) they’re all really good maps and TC deserve some credit there for sure.

Especially Nexus, Tomb and Ritual, all feel like the dark, spooky gears of old.

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I really like Nexus and Allfathers Arena. Tomb is quite good as well. I haven’t played a ton of Village, but I’m liking it so far.

I’ve always said TC nailed map design. Very few TC maps are bad.

Their only major map blunders are tile maps in Horde. They’re awful.

not to forget War Room ! Is a very good Map
with the best lighting effects