Best moonwalk you'll ever see


This nonsnese is the worst thing about this game.

I bet its an xbox player, with their hidden assists, saying “too EZ git gud BRO”


they’re just ice skating

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You ever see so much bs in Gears you just aren’t even fazed anymore?


@TC_Shauny any possible fix on this

This shouldn’t be happening

He is the PVE lead. Will amend to tag Shauny

Thanks for that info
Who should be tagged then ?

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Called a Backwards Bounce
Its Alternate or Defaulternate (remapping buttons to defaulton alternate scheme)

It the only scheme that allows you to slide from a far distance.

edit: heres a video explaining the details

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Shauny but amended it for you already :slight_smile:

I get how he does it but it just seems kinda bs lol. I’m not saying remove it, more power to people who utilize it but I just call it bs because its pretty crazy that it even exist.

It’s true, it rlly is the worst type of stuff in the game.

Wait so you are saying
Alternate allows you to bounce from further than regular control scheme

Because that doesn’t sound fair at all

Hey thanks for that
I’m still new to these forums so I don’t know who’s who

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No worries, happy to help :slight_smile:

how is it not fair if you can swap to it yourself lol lot of good players swap their controller mappings around to fit their playstyle better.

Mainly because roadie running is seperate from your cover button. So if you play thumbs and want to be able to transition from button to button they made it easier for you to do that.

I switched to Alternate a few weeks ago and the movement is overall faster, takes a little getting used but yes, you can grab walls from farther

Edit: I remapped the buttons for me so I can still have all the functions as regular

That isn’t a logical argument
It sounds like
The retro isn’t op because you can use it to

So you can wall /hug slide from further
Then using default controller settings ?

That’s just not fair
So it makes the question
Why can’t default grab walls from the same range as alternate

I KNOW alternate is better overall
But having more distance than default seems like an oversight