Best maps for Classic Horde

I just played Nexus Siege on Vasgar, and that map has both a Lancer GL and a breaker mace and it was super fun.

So just wondering if anyone else knows some super good maps for Classic Horde/Predator/Nexus.

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The classic maps: Gridlock, Blood Drive, etc

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I love playing Classic Horde on River.


Both are vomit inducing.


They’ve been in every gears of war game and they are terrible maps at that.

why are they considered terrible?

In my personal opinion, they both suck. Both are good at pve and all, I would much prefer playing gridlock in pve though.

Gridlock and blood drive in pvp are both nightmares. Blood drive is 10x worse though. It’s hard to push in blood drive and even worse in guardian because both spawns are awful to push.

But the worst thing above all is that how stale they are, those maps come back but Mansion or Jacinto dont come back.

However I cant deny how nostalgic those maps are, even if I don’t like them.

Idk. Usually always just pushed as a team. Cross and throw frags through the windows in gears 2/3. Though, in judgment they had these back stairs by both spawns, and other areas, probably due to what you’re talking about.

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I think it’s intentional that they always come back at this point. Some maps have just been in every game since there Debut.

Gridlock skipped Judgement, but has been in every game other then that.

Blood Drive has been in every game since 2 (It was modified in judgement to be more open)

Checkout has been in every game since 3.

But at least before Gears 5 the visuals of the maps were always redone for each game…and not just ported over like they are now

That’s not a valid reason for keeping them in the game, they suck cheeks and they didnt even change the looks for them in 5.

Yeah not from 4 to 5 lol.

Gridlock deserves worse than being in Judgment.

This makes me miss Avalanche. And Depths!

I agree tbh. In my opinion if Blood Drive returns again in Gears 6 I honestly hope it’s the Judgment version. It was a different twist on the map and I have more fun on it

I’d rather the map not come back at all, new version or not, its stale.