Best Map of All Time?

What’s everyone’s opinion on the best map from the gears franchise? I’m talking about every gears game made as well…

My favorite is probably gridlock or blood drive…and yes I know they are both played out but still so fun to me


Yeah Blood Drive is pretty great. Granted, I have only ever played 4


I also say Blood Drive.

Tyro station, because I like to see people go splat in King of the Hill :stuck_out_tongue:

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I remember my first time walking up through the floor of the tracks and headbutting the train. Scared the crap out of me lol.


Gridlock holds a special place in my heart due to it being the first map I ever played online in May 2007 when I finally upgraded to Xbox Live. My favorite version is in GoW3 (night.)

My vote goes to it.

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Raven down has my vote. The quintessential Gears map.

Old Bones and Mansion are the best of the series. Sadly they don’t work in 5v5, for that I’d say Foundation or Checkout.


Picking one is difficult.

I love Raven Down, for the Gnashers Only events, its fantastic.

Process was an old favorite of mine, I think the map layout was excellent and the theme was quite nice too.

Subway worked well as a top and bottom kind of map.

Graden was a classic with the gas chambers and nice balance of size and contesting the two power weapons plus snipers.

Canals will also be one of my favorites due to the ability to play long and Snipe but also get close on the bridges and Gnasher too.


Very hard Q but for sake of right now. Artillery or Depths

Without piano we assume?

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Really nice map, same for Trenches :+1:

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Ward ,dreadnought on overrun

Obviously River.


I would also add day 1 to my list and river as well

Day 1 would be a cross-lancering team’s wet dream. shudders

I like Depths (yes, without the damn piano) and Allfathers Garden from G2, as well as River. There was this one map from G2, can’t remember the name but it was kinda sloped where you’d spawn in the halls, go down and out and there was a mortar at the bottom end inside a little shed. Had my first ever Gears quinn on that map too (mortar).

I didn’t play MP in the old games but in #4, I really like Reclaimed. It’s a very clever map and rewards strategic players.
I’m growing to like Harbor too.

That said, I feel that Blood Drive is my strongest map. If I lose on that map it’s because my teammates really screwed up.

River, all fathers garden and process



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Mansion. Gears of War 1 version. Gears of War 1 by far still had the best “versions” of maps. Dark, eerie, war-torn. It was miserable, yet beautiful.


I just read this. WHAT?! You must go back!

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