Best map in game?

So you are implying that most players in the game are campers?

I always enjoyed rushing ppl by wallbouncing on stairs. Of course that can get difficult when you are getting lancered by 5 ppl, but surely you have team mates. And if that s not an option, i switch tactics. The game should be more than “i can t rush…i m gone”.

As is each game, also in gears there are campers. Yesterday i played with some friends and we were put against beginners. Of course they were forced to camp. Is that a bad thing? Are you rushing when you re clearly outmached?

As mentioned, the weapon variety and gnasher battle opportunities are not mstched by many maps, maybe nexus or security from gow2. I agree that often the camping is frustrating, but has to be put in perspective.

Nexus. River is great but the gameplay itself isn’t all that great.

River needs to get rid of that torque bow rotation…just keep it snipers.

River when you have a good team. Regency I think is solid to o