Best map in game?

Just 1 ? :frowning:
I can’t so River, Nexus & Asylum

Best map in Gears 5…probably District. Also a big fan of Training Grounds (it’s not pretty but it’s small and frantic) and Nexus has really really really grown on me in just a few days.

Best map ever…Allfather’s Garden from Gears 2 Dark Corners DLC


Dark Corners had some of the best maps in the franchise.

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Dude you a Real Life Locust , of course you say Nexus :rofl:

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I think Nexus looks Awesome but I haven’t had to much fun playing on it (PvP), strange sight lines and super corner-friendly.

But in fairness I’ve only played 5-10 matches on it so far, maybe my opinion shall change.

I love district, it’s so easy to flank campers in that map
Sadly it never comes out anymore because everyone picks blood drive where campers can stay lancering in their spawn and you can’t flank them because there’s just 2 entrances that makes it obvious where are you coming from

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Groundwalking garbage!

It feels great to finally have a lot choose from. So many great options now but I’ll probably choose with River or Nexus.

I’ll do you one more, I don’t even hate the DBs…

I…I need to sit down.

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Nexus, only because of all the details in the scenery/background, especially all the gooey glowing imulsion.

How come i see no Blood Drive, but whenever it comes up for a voting, it pounds other maps?

My favorite depends on the matchup:

If i play alone vs a stacked team ==> Blood Drive. Ir gives you a chance, even though u have to camp. I love the gnasher fights between the walls and on the stairs too.

Otherwise Nexus and River I guess.

Because sane players know Blood Drive sucks.
Excuse my typo.

Because sane players know Camp Drive sucks for every thing but Horde.


**** River.

Allfathers area for koh is the best followed by foundation

Personally I love Nexus. The glowing corpsers, skulls on the pillars, and the torture pods around the map really take me back to Gears 2. I love it.

And as it happens, there is also a torture barge on the ceiling on the map somewhere, a detail I noticed playing a Frenzy match on it.

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Really? I’m going to go into a private later and explore the map some, probably plenty of cool details I haven’t even noticed tbh.

Have been playing the map since Gow2 and yes, sometimes it can get very campy. However if you play alone against stacked teams, or only shotty battles there is no better map imo. And if you are a good team, you should be able to win against campers. So maybe you should put more thought into your considerations.

Also, the map is always voted and was brought back in every Gow title, which hints at its popularity. Maybe ppl don t want to admit due to others blaming them for liking it. I think when some1 thinks that the majority is insane, he should maybe question himself. =)

Or maybe people vote for it all the time because it’s known to be easy to camp it and they get too serious playing “Ranked” in a video game, thus they camp to draw the game out for a “win” or draw/stalemate.

That’s certainly what I’m hearing.