Best map in game?

Now that we have more maps. What is your favorite map in the game? Mine is still probably vasgar even thow I know a lot of people don’t like this map. Second would be nexus. Awesome map.

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Edit: that’s not in the game :sob:.

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At this point Regency or Nexus I think we should be able to vote the next two maps that TC will no doubt port from 4, for me:



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I’d take any map except Fallout over Relic. Takes far too long for enemies to come get shot on both those maps.

Mercy is a class map, best on Gears 3 of course. I was just choosing maps from only Gears 4 on this occasion though. :+1:


Nexus. I haven’t even played a match on it yet, but 100% Nexus.

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It is a great map mate, got MVP with Sam on it yesterday… and soundly beaten on it about an hour ago :wink:

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LOL. No but seriously. Why are tc making maps tht ate literally perfect for wall bouncing but making the game slower.

It makes zero sense.

I actually like the new maps. Still havent played them all. But i would like them to stop restricting the movement especially with these perfect maps for movmenet.

Allfathers 100%

Probably one of the best of all time imo.



In no particular order: gridlock, river, allfathers, nexus.

I miss the design philosophy of the older maps. The way people fight to invade eachothers sniper tower on river, or hiding under the bridge, is so much fun.

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River and Nexus are just so good

Panuha lmao

Map room

Good choices, Fuel Depot is my fav from 4 tho… well I know it isn’t originally a 4 map, but I meant of the maps 4 had lol

As for currently idk… I haven’t played them all yet. I’ve got to experience River(which is new to me seeing as my Gears MP journey began on 4) and Nexus, like both… but not played FFA yet so haven’t got to check out War Room yet and also haven’t got to check out Regency yet either… I’m late to the party, only started Op 5 yesterday after work cause I was busy finishing the marathon of my fav show to catch up in time for the Series Finale on Thursday (which I’m indifferent about, hated it at 1st, but after I thought about a couple things, it made it a little better, but still not the BEST finale, but not the worst either, it’s middle ground… tho the 2nd to last episode could have been jusg fine as the epic finale)