Best JD loadout for big damage

What’s your opinion on JDs loadout to deal big damage?

Best skill card for maximum damage

Custom Lancer GL - (More damage for your GL launcher)
Launcher Capacity - (More grenade ammo for your GL Lancer, Boomshot, Dropshot and Hand grenades)
Razor Hail - (Bleed damage for all your explosive weapons, grenades and RL Salvo)
Officers Prerogative - (Addition rounds for your Ultimate. Good to melt away bosses)
Custom Boomshot - (More Damage with Boomshot. especially to 1 shot Shielded Scions)

Thanks Ice, How you know this :slight_smile: JK

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You may also want to have a look at this great guide by @Hu1k_Daddy:

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You really just need 2 cards everything else is more or less optional.
RazorHail - Not only do you get the utility of keeping enemies from regenerating this offers the highest tangible boost in raw damage JD gets at level 1 where the card says 20% it’s actually 60% since bleed ticks for the listed damage percent 3 times. 20% x 3 = 60

Launcher Capacity - Increases the number of grenades your Lancer GL can hold combine that with a Level 4 locker and you can keep a rotation of infinite Lancer GL Grenades going with just 2 slots whether the locker is a Del Overclocked or a normal one built by Kat or Del without Overclocked.

Everything else is pretty optional.
Spotter Support if you have a team that marks is nice for spreading out some damage especially on Mini-boss waves that can spawn multiples.
Officer’s Prerogative boosts the power of your own marked targets damage, but limits you to just one and it’s arguable if you actually need more damage on a singular target when you can simply use your myriad of other explosive be it Boomshots or Lancer GL rounds.
Custom Boomshot is nice if you like the Boomshot if not don’t use it won’t really hurt anything if you don’t you can GL Bastions which most people use the Boomshot for and even doing that you have to be able to aim the Boomshot to hit the Bastion with the splash so if you dislike the Boomshot and can’t do that the use of Custom Boomshot is fairly questionable since GL rounds tend to be better for basic damages.
Custom GL - Helps damage with your main weapon including the Rifle portion which is handy if the locker you’re using gets destroyed or you simply can’t get to it for whatever reason you get some ballistic back-up to your explosions.

Since the thread is just looking for damage you’ll get the most with Custom GL, Razorhail and Launcher Capacity then add in Officer’s Prerogative and Spotter Support. If you like the Boomshot I’d argue for getting rid of Officer’s Prerogative for Custom Boomshot not Spotter Support, with Spotter Support you can provide damage with direct sightlines as long as a teammate has direct sight and knows to mark id est you can tell them you have it and you can usually get even some randoms to start marking things and Spotter Support caps out stronger than base Artillery Strike and you don’t really need Prerogative if you have sightlines on the enemy you have other explosives that work just fine.