Best hours to play (any) gears game?

When I put “best hours” I don’t mean peak hours when most players are on

what I do mean is what is the best feeling time that you like to plays gears?

personally, the best hours for me on gears 5 is usually 5-7PM because it feels like an evening game and I enjoy it at that time the most

For Gears 4 though I absolutely adore playing 10pm-1am (koth) especially on weekends
I love it late night. Sitting on my bed with a huge blanket and fan beside me. The hum of my xbox and the glow of the television amongst darkness. I can’t get that feeling from any other game.


I like mornings & afternoon, less stacked clans & actual players who aren’t afraid to play without a 5man.

Also have a lot of energy during the day. Especially gaming before the gym. Win or lose pumps me up to go workout.

I play nights too, not as often as I used to since it’s usually my anime hours lol.

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Unless you specify time zone, just posting a time is useless.

EST 2-6 pm.


Weekend morning and afternoon GMT.
Saturday nights are the worst GMT

Around 2am. Nice twilight at this time of year which just feels right. Dark at night is great too.

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With Gears 4 it was like Titanfall 2 for me. Whenever I felt like it I played it. Whether it meant getting on at 1pm or 1am. With Gears 5–If I run out of things to do then maybe I’ll boot it up.

Have you been playing titanfall 2 a lot recently? It just came out on steam and was 10 bucks so I picked it up and hot damn is it like crack cocaine

I play it all the time whenever I feel like it. The best SP campaign I’ve played in a while (at least as far as FPS goes) and the MP is pretty insane.

Just learned what the Flatline is so I’m on that train but Frontier Defense is where it’s at.