Best horde characters?

Who are the best horde characters + cards in Gears 5?

Obviously, it’s



Right now on meta speaking ?
Del on engi for better cost and pv on defense
Jd on offense with LG spam ( freedom lancer) spam with bleed
Kait for scout with shotgun bleed
Jack on support for revive /energie / some time decoy

On harder difficulties I’d say that JD and JACK are very useful. JD for damage output, and JACK for reviving people and smelting weapons jn the forge for power/money. I know high skill players will disagree but I’m referring to the average Horde players.

Del has a discount card for building things, but Baird has cards that buff weapon locker reload rates (better than Del’s ond) and sentries. An Engineer is essential but both have their pros an cons.

And the other two characters can vary. Kait has good damage output cards and gives you a bit of extra power for spending. Lizzie has the Silverback and the Cold Finish card. Fahz is more viable now and can deal longer range damage, and his X-Ray Ultimate can be very useful. He also has a critical damage card that improves the Cryo-Cannon so this can help against high difficulty Guardians and Sentinels. Keegan has a bleed damage card for explosives which is a good way to support (but lacks launcher capacity). He can also support the team with extra ammo and buffs from his Ultimate.

They are best at different things so it depends how you want to play.

Also @Hu1k_Daddy has done a number of character guides based around Horde. Check them out by searching “Horde Hu1k” or something and they will come up. Here’s Kait’s one as an example:

Kait-The Stim Gunner (ADV Horde Cards/Tactics) by Hu1k Daddy

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I love it. Keep spreading the word that is Freedom Lancer


I wish he was never included, but Jack. The healing and increased power is pretty powerful. As is jacking heavy enemies.
JD, for the explosive bleeds from various things and the magic of Freedom Lancer destruction.
Kait, bleed from shotguns.

They want jack as core but with everything he need to do it become boring to play as him on the long term because you only support except when hijacking even that in master you do no damage on heavy unit and boss

I wish they me make him more fun with abilities from the campaign or more things

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it all depends on the team and depending on team you use certain cards,

They added Jack specifically so that new players could have a low stress way of trying hirde

It’s ironic when it would cause high stress on Master. Because it’s so important.

I think they intended new players to play on beginner

It’s low stress and typically low fun.
All that gun fetching is the height of tedium.

No fetching. On beginner just mark and heal and electrify and hijack. It is very fun for new players.

Has anyone done the math to assess whether Del’s build discounts add up to cheaper than Baird’s precision repairs healing all fortifications for free?

best horde character ?

that’s easy man . its JD with his Freedom Lancer and 6 freedom air Independence grenades.

with that you can solve the game in any difficulty and having lots of fun.

its like having two queens in chess agains rooks … you’ll solve chess in any position.

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Thanks Pep!

For me it’s JD. I like the power he has. However, I tend to dislike how I see most JD’s play. I’ll go Horde Frenzy and see them fragging themselves and building up GL’s from the go (Insane difficulty). Then they just don’t stop dropping rockets. They’ll do it for a single Juvie. I might drop one or two on W1 Horde Frenzy Insane if I must. The rest is good old bullets and an eye for keeping a good level of rockets for when they are needed most - enemy build up and Boss. I let the other players play!

Maybe this overbearing GL rocket spam is the reason I just get kicked an awful lot from games I join. It’s like - new JD spotted. Pause. Kick.

There is also the “How long before my GL goes missing from it’s locker” pain in the ■■■■ which happens way too often.

I hate playing with JDs. Like you said they just blanket the map with Freedom lancer even for 1 little old leech. They also act like divas. Most don’t try and help pick up power or help jack get weapons to the forge. And God forbid you try and use the 1st locker to get a little extra ammo even if there’s an open slot they go bat sh%t crazy. Also most of them don’t utilize explosive weapons they only use the freedom lancer