Best grenades for slugger?

Which grenades are best, i figure frags, but I sometimes plant shocks around the taps
When I use flame i didn’t notice the flame range increased but I could be wrong

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Smoke grenade thrown at cole. @SNAKEYWAKEY389 can confirm

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Don’t forget Tai as well.

Fraggle nades

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Best grenades for slugger? Smokes. Throw em at your feet while you’re hiding in a corner, so your teammates can happily pretend you don’t exist.


If you are Cole or Tai, it won’t work since all you will hear is vomiting/choking sounds.

The incinderary grenades are great against bosses if you have your grenade damge card at 6 and got your damage perk at 10. At 250% you can easily melt things. Frags and Shocks are tied in my opinion in terms of usefulness.

Usually going with frag most of the time and switch to incendiary on certain bosses.
Haven’t really tried shocks much as the few times I’ve seen them used the enemies usually run through without taking much damage.

Shocks are best planted near taps when leeches are about, or thrown onto wires.

Shock grenades, preferably being thrown at your CQC classes while theyre fighting enemies.


Flash nades…you and your team then get the cqc kill…shock and flame does tick damage to your own team

Ink grenades

No it doesn’t?
Neither does Shock.
The former does nothing. The latter stops you from acting.

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Probably was talking about escape.

Doesn’t any grenade hurt you in that case? Including the stun from flash?

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This :point_up_2:

Shocks. As many as possible,

As a Lahni/ Emile/ Grace aka Blademaster/ Protector/ Striker , I love when this happens.
Makes me jump with joy every single time.


Had a tact and medic doing this to each other during the daily on lift.:man_facepalming:


:joy: I’m sure it’s been fun for them.

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