Best gears idea ever

The Coalition should hire a guy like me with ideas like this just saying.
The greatest thing the TC could do for the franchise and for themselves is to not only make new maps and characters but importantly focus on what makes or made gears great. TC should make gears pack or operations whatever they wanna call em centered around bringing back the classics. I mean after some new material comes out for the new game they should release the first pack and its based on GOW1 maps and characters the best ones then the next nostalgic pack GOW2 maps and characters then GOW3!! TC would bring back a decade of nostalgic feelings to many of us and it would make SO MUCH FREAKING MONEY you could charge 15-20$ a pack and I guarantee you would sell thousands!! Make everyone in the Gears franchise extremely happy get rich off the same idea WIN and WIN :sunglasses:


So you want them to sell us map packs, while simultaneously having a premium store up and running??? Glad they didn’t hire you. :grin:


If there’s anything that they have been doing great its the f***ng store… other than that… everything else its just below average.

If they can fix something as simple as ammo increase on ammo crates … what makes you think they are going to do what you stated before ? they can’t even handle simple stuff as of now.

If they had the store up and going like it is and put these map packs on the side regardless people would eat them up now ! No what I’m saying is that there releasing a bunch of nonsense right now in the store for way overpriced there’s only a few character skins and weapon skins worth talking about the add ons from Halo and Terminator cool but unnecessary, they should have released some new skins and new stuff like they did but made the side stuff you can buy is the OG GOW 1maps and characters everyone loves for Operation 1 not the Aape 20$ and The Terminator stuff it would be easier and cheaper for them to use maps and characters already made and everyone would love it way more no one will shut up about baird and cole Op2 GOW2 Characters and best maps from that game I’m telling you :moneybag: :wink: and happiness for all

All they need to do is hire Cliffy b, rod doesn’t know what he’s doing


How do you force someone to work for you, when they don’t want to?

A classic operation should be a period where they sell Golden Lancers and Hammerburst and full weapon sets for 2-3 dollars and characters through levels and re ups then I will bite

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I recon clifft does want to, it’s rhod that doesn’t want him too as he will feel he would take away his limelight.

Errr Cliffy said he’s out of the gaming industry. Doubt he’d want in.

And Cliffy was present when they’ve added stopping power and the retro/sawed off, you know, things that stifled the gnasher meta, so doubt he would make much of a difference in terms of gameplay.

And he was all about monetization/games as a service, you just need to see the two game he created when his studio Boss key was still around, so doubt he woulda made much of a difference on that end neither.


Map packs lmfao

Were LITERALLY enduring all this other monetization so we DONT separate the playerbase, that’s the goal here by all accounts

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Cliffy b isn’t the Lord and savior everyone makes him out to be. And TC is made up of like 30% of the original trilogy dev team including Rod.


Mate cliffy b made gears of war, gears 1 online was the best gears hands down also gears 3 was solid it just needed dedicated servers, gears 5 is just money grabbing they don’t care about the game, epic games did

True, I know the whole history bud, yet he wouldn’t have changed a thing, or at least not much. We woulda still seen a similar, if not the same changes to the franchise and the monetization would’ve remained the same as it is today because that’s where the industry has headed, Cliffy is all for it and MS demands it.


Listen. Gow1 pack whatever you wanna call it blah blah blah would have the best maps from gears 1 like canals clocktower etc and classic Dom and Marcus Cole barid the works the skins could be whatever since there wasn’t any skins from that game two or three maps put into circulation with those characters could sell it for a fair price everyone would buy it everyone would be happy with the characters and maps Then the next pack which is gears 2 would be even more hyped up and bought and so forth. Is this not the best idea ever? would not most people approve and be happy to play there favorite maps and characters. all I ever hear about In almost any gears conversation is well in 4 gears 1 online oh but the gnasher was way better before this and so forth it’s always gonna be compared to the past just give them the past and new stuff and obviously you’ve made the best gears yet.

He said in an interview with ign, “the problem with gears 4 is that it’s the same gears he compared it to the new Star Wars that it’s bland nothing exciting” which Is true gears 4 was good bland because it had nothing new if anything gears 3 had more to it.
They need to still keep like gears but add a lot more to it they need to take risks for gears to be successful again

Nothing here is original, or good. Or noteworthy

All they have to do is to not make gears y servers crap out like gears 5 did and have less glitches. And have actual maps not from the past. Brand new maps.

The best idea ever would be make everything unlockable except for esports items and make the store be a shortcut for lazy players.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. He was the public face of Epic back in the day. He was also the guy pressing for gnasher nerfs and hated how the game was being played online. He’s a big fan of the cover based shooting from range, as he wanted to build gears to feel like paintball.

He kept making gears worse and worse until he stopped coming to work at Epic and started working on more games that ended up in the toilet.

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Told you cliffy b wants to come back :wink: he put a status on Twitter saying it’s in Microsoft hands now. Hopefully he comes back for gears 6 and makes it successful again he’s got the experience