Best Gears Ever

I am loving this game, yes there are bugs and they are being fixed. The graphics are very nice and the level of detail in this game is amazing looks beautiful on the Xbox One X. Colition and Microsoft Game Studios should be proud, The campaign has a great story and ties the other Gears of War and the cut scenes blend in well. Gears 5 has evolved into something special and I love it. Keep up the great work. And yes the multiplayer modes are perfect.

if this guy only knew that the bugs include a complete halt towards the main campaign, cloud servers synching old data, making you replay whole acts instead of a check point, he wouldn’t be writing this none sense. Game looks bad, completely broken, FPS issues, and it has evolved indeed into something special for the gamers that started with Gears 4 having played through the campaign on easy.

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At OP. Are you basing the title of your thread on 3 days with Gears 5 when it has been running awfully ?

Just curious, I will say I loved the campaign. and would rate it as good as the original trilogy or maybe just a few percentage under, but a massive improvement over 4, I will give you that.

As for the other modes ? We will have to agree to disagree. Not even as good as 4 overall.

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I play on a Xbox One X on an nice tv with hdr and I’m able to see all of the colors and graphics very well. If you are playing on an One X make sure you go into settings and set up the video and audio it makes a big difference. I have had some issues but not as many that everyone else is having. I never played a Gears of War game on easy and have played all if the Gears of War games including Judgement. The thing that I’m sure of is that all of the bugs will be fixed and for a game that just came out compared to other games I have played like when State of Decay 2 first came out and the disappointment of Crackdown and Anthem, Gears 5 has pleased me in a way I was not expecting. The game does look good and I’ve been playing since early launch and received the updates that has improved the game. Oh yeah State of Decay 2 is an perfect example of how a game can be saved and is now one of my favorite but in the beginning it sucked big time. Anyways I hope the you don’t give up on Gears 5, maybe take a break from it and come back to it later on. Keep in mind early access is for Devs to work out major bugs and glitches for when the release day comes everyone will have a great experience. Game On :v:

There were bugs in all the prior gears games. Nothing that won’t be fixed most likely.

I agree OP, it’s a pretty good game. I have some criticisms, but it is probably the best overall in the series once it’s sorted.

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Best in the series for sure. Gears finally moving in the right direction!

And yeah, the visuals are amazing. Especially the HDR is top notch.

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This game is good but the flacker …edge smoothing is horrible on xbox one x . In gears 4 you dont have this problem . But the texture are much better than in gears 4 . In every act you have texture flacker , when you stand and look around than you see this flacker ,

Worst gears Mp since UE, best campaign by far.

The MP is so badly balanced its borderlining insulting, in that it’s obvious they’re e causalizing the experience and not allowing great player to make great plays.

All weapons are OP, rifles have larger clip, better recoil, WAY more damage, stopping power in back.

Not a experience to stay for unfortunately.


OP’s post is brought to you by Microsoft Studio.

Seriously though, I haven’t had a single XP in over 24hrs, and this dude downplaying the bugs. That and the fact that I have to wait an eternity to get into a ranked match due to lobbies being disolved left and right, Haven’t even touched the SP due to all the horrendous bugs being reported by everyone and their mothers. The game’s ok when it works, but unfortunately it doesn’t work too often.

Youre saying what were all thinking, games startup is almost as bad as anthem

When you have time take a look at all of the reviews from Digital Foundry and the like. And once again I understand and have experience the bugs that has been produced by Gears 5, I have looked at this game as an overall experience and the way that Gears in general has evolved over time,