Best Gears Character Evolution: JD or Kait?

Best Gears Character Evolution: JD or Kait?

Who had the most growth/character development?

  • How do you think their arc will pan out in 6?

Tc failed to exploit Kait’s true potential. jd never had evolution potential I see these 2 characters as exhausting for the next saga

Hopefully they both get beat up by a pack of feral juvies at the start of 6 so we dont have to listen to them crying throughout the campaign.

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Kait, but mostly because it was forced on us. It had great potential until she was too weak to accept her heritage.

Should’ve just stuck with JD. I would’ve liked an Act with him and Fahz and how he was dealing with the guilt of Lizzie’s death.

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I can’t really say who had the better “evolution” of the two, and while I prefer Kait, it’s undeniable that JD was significantly improved in Gears 5, after his extremely bland and boring appearance and performance in Gears 4.

Too bad he just had to ruin it by being a total idiot and killing Lizzie.

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It was a cheap Carmine death, they need to put those to bed.

I’d like to see a mix of the Delta and Scorpio in 6. Have a large nest invasion team up.

But I feel JD developed more.


Not much of an evolution since Kait’s biggest flaw in the games has been indecisiveness. She never gets over it and her motives seem to be exclusively plot-driven. Kinda like the jarring shift of go-lucky Dom in G1 to grieving wife-seeking Dom in G2. Like plot points were just thrust onto them. Difference being that Dom was always a likeable character with other traits to play off of, and the sudden introduction of his Wife being vital just helped to better sell his sorrow and anger and transition into a selfless hero who’d do anything to help his friends, his family—his brother.

Kait has no reason to choose COG v Queenhood other than “Human good Locust bad.” How compelling.

JDs biggest flaw is daddy issues, he’s got a need to prove himself. But there’s no arc that lets him redeem himself with a sense of dignity and humility. Even his “redemption” in ACT 3 was kinda forced onto us as “OH yeah he’s totally changed now, after being offscreen for three hours.”

None of the above.

A bigger twist for gears 6 is Kait becoming locust/swarm, enabling a way for JD and Del to he forgotten.

The new gears will be viewed from the swarm side, making us all feel sorry for them.

The theme is family. She has none but through hard trials and loss of her own family “joins” the cog because of marcus “father figure” and what’s left of her friends.

I’m gonna go with SK because he went from brown, to red and then black.

Outside a few lines of dialogue and Marcus seeming concerned about Kait, these themes aren’t ever followed through or demand anything of either the characters or the player, which makes their inclusion and “arcs” worthless.

You want to start a war?

They have been developed through in the books. It’s established lore going straight into 5. Marcus is a guarded man but he cares.

Sure, but “Expanded universe and books” doesn’t make up for the pitfalls for a bad game and poorly written character arcs.

You can’t use one to justify the other, and if one is so well informed it makes you wonder why the other fell short? In order for it to have been effective character arcs, it should work standalone in the games. The books shouldn’t have to carry intense story beats or insinuations. They’re supposed to fill gaps in their own self-contained stories. At least that’s how I see it.

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I think JD has had the best character development, especially in 5. He is the only one really who changes as a result of the events of the game.

Kait knows a little more about her family history but to all intents and purposes she is the same person.

Agreed. That’s where Halo 5 fell down, because you needed to read multiple books and watch some TV series to understand all the character arcs.

A game should be able to stand on its own with its story and not rely on books to tell you character motivations. When a game starts relying on its expanded universe to tell its story you are at risk of losing the audience.

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JD is a way better character in 5 than he was in 4 and he looks like a badass now like his father. I truly think he should be the one to survive the choice if TC doesn’t just retcon that whole idea for Gears 6. So much story potential if JD survives rather than Del.

I mean Kait is the granddaughter of Myrrah but I feel like they could’ve done more with that, maybe they will in Gears 6.


JD ‘evolved’ from being alive to being dead in my campaign run.



He hates the COG and children, but he ended up helping both.


I agree. I will be sad my boy Del is gone but he is the device to propel JD and Kait into the next level. I don’t think they’ve played Kait yet into that area and 5 is still more of “tease” into 6. I agree with what you said about JD. A character matured leaps and bounds from how we knew him in 4.

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