Best forum member

(DarkChaoz95) #122

Im pretty sure he is around, just under a new forum tag I think.

(mendigo2005) #123

Thanks, but no thanks!

(V7K1NG) #124

Not me i didnt nominate myself .i chose people who i deemed way more worthy then me


Can I be nominated for biggest A-Hole or Instigator on this forum? I would love to have one of those titles.

(Bleeding Pepper) #126

That would be nice. Shall we ask our mutual friend who he dislikes more between us? :wink:


2 Men Enter 1 Man Leaves…No ties here man


Dude, that’s my title!

@V7K1NG True, and I appreciate that my friend :+1:


@GearsCharacters- You decide bro

(GB6 Kazuya) #130


So I take it I have your vote then…alright alright alright

(GB6 Kazuya) #132

Oh come on now, Tony, you surely don’t have to ask :joy:


grasias senor:clap:

(mizzelphug) #135

Reported for not posting in English …and also for posting in misspelled Spanish. lol.


Double whammy😂


Who is this legend?

(Stoic Slab) #138

A pretty cool guy. I only ever conversed with him once or twice back on the previous TC forums, but he was among the old guard since the EPIC days.


Ah I see. Sadly, I never was a part of the old forums

(xFribbo) #140

It was great, the good ol’ times, once reaching a certain amount of posts you would be a different character, also had a ton of avatars to choose from, all Gears related… obviously lol.

(V7K1NG) #141

You dont know the legend of TAO Devil ,well sit back and let me tell you the story :

this is a story handed down from generations to generations, a story told from the highest mountain tops to the lowest valleys ,There once was a magical land called The EPIC GAMES forums where gear heads far and wide came to discuss their favorite game .
There was a forum member who was so legendary that he had his own title made for him ,a forum member so macial people came from all over in hopes that they could have TAO Devil reply to one of their threads or post.
A forums member who just by saying his name on the forums got you a day suspension
Maybe just maybe if conditions are right ,the moon is full and aligined with the rest of the planets ,the sky has to be the prefect shade of orange ,maybe just maybe these here forums will get touched by the magic of the LEGEN - wait for it - DAIRY TAO DEVIL…
This my friends has been the Legend of TAO Devil


jaw drops, then falls down dead from pure shock and awe