Best forum member

(TGLT Clutch) #81

I am the the best forum member… :smile:

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #82

No, I AM the best forum member!

(TGLT Clutch) #83

No, I am the best forum member now

(SASxVEN0MZz) #84

I like this idea. And hey look i’m alive well somehow :rofl:. But then again i’d rather it be exclusive rewards. Just like the TCA rewards (TC im still waiting for mine :joy:). But I still love this game can’t wait to play it again for Golden gear. Anyway time to take another 16 month break :smile:

(BraveHearts GG) #85


(S IK O IR G E) #86

I only post to hate on the game.

Vote me.

(Embry Starred) #87

Idea top 2 most votes forum members have to 1v1 on boxes to claim the title XD

(Stoic Slab) #88

I can see it now: a showdown between two guys who got the month’s top upvotes, one by calling TC the devil and another who posted an erotic piece of FNAF fan-fiction in the off-topic section.

(V7K1NG) #89

Hmmmmm this is a interesting thread … i will nominate @DarkChaoz95 and @DownInFlames85 for this ,both great forum members and community members as well

(V7K1NG) #90

You were the second greatest forum membetr ever on the EPIC FORUMS only behind the legend himself TAO DEVIL

(III EnVii III) #91

Oooo I’d love that myself :raised_hands:


Oh of course you would! Ain’t you a D5 in 2v2 lol?:joy:

(III EnVii III) #94

That’s only a slight advantage I reckon though, nothing to worry about :sunglasses:

(S IK O IR G E) #95

More like second biggest nerd!

I do miss those days, though. Gears felt alive (ironic) and the community felt more alive than what it is right now.

I can’t imagine a time back during the old trilogy of games where we’d be in the year of the next game’s release, with zero hype going forward.

(Duffman GB) #96

That is a very good point. I wonder if it is because we have 2 other Gears related projects.
Also hopefully we will start getting a trickle of info on the coming months.

We should have beta’s liked we did on 3 as well, that was when beta’s were just that. That totally built hype.

For what it is worth I can’t wait. I think a Sept/Oct release date.

(S IK O IR G E) #97

I feel like it’s franchise fatigue mixed with the Xbox One just not being as popular in contrast to the 360.

Gears 4 was also, quite frankly, stale.

New characters that didn’t live up to the old, new enemies that weren’t as interesting as the old, mechanics that played too close to Gears 3 (2011-present).

People just expected a bit more and we got a little too much of a game playing it safe.

Personally, I think Oct/Nov is also the time period for the game. Maybe even a cross-gen launch if we do get next-gen consoles announced later 2019.

(Duffman GB) #98

Next gen is mid/late 2020 I would think.
Gears 4 is definitely inferior to Gears 3 and the trilogy as a whole in many areas but when the mp works it is still excellent.

Moving into 5 I’m fairly confident it will improve every aspect of 4, at least that is the dream.

(DownInFlames85) #99

That’s true (not necessarily the nerd part lol)

There’s a lot I miss from the old EPIC forums days, even though I didn’t officially join until a month before Gears 3 launch. I lurked quite a bit beforehand :crazy_face:

@V7K1NG - Thanks for the vote of confidence, even though I’m not deserving of such praise. You, and others like @Mad_Dog_Malcs @Loryat @FuturisticBlade behind @Official_GFC are. Many others as well.

Whose doing the booty kissing now? ( :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: guilty)

(Krylon Blue) #100

That statement is basically saying the lag isn’t an issue. It’s a large issue and I can safely say so without having doubts. I couldn’t tell you how many times this game has screwed me out of a kill because of players with really inconsistent pings. I’m not even saying it as an excuse. What do I have to make excuses for? I’m already a Diamond 3 so it’s not like I’m some Silver player demanding my Diamond and blaming someone else for it.

(jvergoth) #101

Not how I meant that. Sorry to come off that way. :expressionless: