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I’ve only been playing Gears since 4 lol! But even from this small amount of time, I find it to be a really great community. And I find it ridiculous that a few bad apples lead everyone to proclaim that the base is toxic

(III EnVii III) #42

David my friend,

You win a prize that doesn’t even have a title,

For that sentence alone.



(DarkChaoz95) #43

“best” is subjective, plus… I don’t see this thread ending well

Because everyone is going to:

Vote for themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

psst base it off forum stats :smirk:

(Al Bundy 33hero) #44

This is awkward because I’m not a person that needs attention or credit but I’m particularly proud of this thread, and I believe it may be responsible for ACTUAL CHANGES in the game. They’ve made it so that if you perform well enough you can actually go up in rank despite losing.

Plus, it has 123 likes. I don’t see that too often.

(jvergoth) #45

The only toxicity I have foud is players blaming their own failings on lag, or ping, or Mexicans, or some other BS. I don’t speak Spanish ( which sucks when you live on th border) but that has been my biggest hurdle. Maybe I should take classes or something, but I am too busy playing Gears.:laughing:

(III EnVii III) #46

You should see how toxic people get when I kill them using the Enforcer :grimacing::fire:

(jvergoth) #47

I love the enforcer. :grinning:

(Noble Guardian) #48

Nope, you’re wrong, and as a result I used it back on you lately… :smile:

Edit: I was an agent under cover :smiley:

(III EnVii III) #49

We haven’t played for months?

(jvergoth) #50

Ok. Maybe this thread ended in the middle?

(jvergoth) #51

Anyone want to get a tatoo?

(Slipping Flames) #52

We forget we could downvote on the old forums lol.


As long as no one starts getting cranky, or “toxic” I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t end well. As for players voting for themselves, that wouldn’t be an option. You have to vote for someone other then yourself. Also, you can not be Member of the Month consecutively. So if you were MOTM one month, you would have to wait another month before you were eligible again.
I already mention that “best” was subjective, which is why it has to be done by vote

(jvergoth) #54

The same 5 people…

(AliceInChainsaw) #55

nobody pointed out the typo yet!?

I read every response waiting for a form joke.

(Slipping Flames) #56

If we had a nickel for every type…er…,typo.

(jvergoth) #57

These forums ar ewe so full of typos, awful grammer, poor punctuation, and slang, that nobody notices anything like that. Run on sentence. :laughing:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #58

Saw it but let it go because it violates my two rules;
I never go for the low hanging fruit.
I don’t play spelling police unless it’s someone ironically trying to correct someone else’s errors… Those are too damn good to pass up. :smile:


Hahaha! Thanks bro!

(AliceInChainsaw) #60

I ignore post errors, but the topic headers are totally game on!

Ya’ll are too nice so everyone here gets my vote.

But really, whoever that voodoo potion selling wingding back in the day, they are the real MVP. They should get an honorable mention for dedication.