Best Escape map for elite/legendary cards?

Is their a particular Escape map that gives you the best opportunity to consistently get these cards? The Clock is pretty good, so far.

There’s no difference based on choice of map. It’s all RNG and tied to difficulties. The Clock is one of the easier maps so you’re more likely to complete it and do it faster.

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Ice Queen if you love the Matriarch! :upside_down_face:

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The Clock or The Surge on Insane are the best ones I know of.

But getting the epic and legendary cards that you need are totally rng. Grind enough and you’ll get it eventually.

Running The Surge is always good, even if its just the first act.

Yes, The Surge is another good one. Often you can get to the shower room checkpoint before the venom bomb goes off!

The only trouble is there is an element if luck involved and if you have poor team mates then you could end up failing, and factoring in load screens etc it can take as long or longer than say, The Clock. My opinion is that The Clock has a higher success rate. The Surge is quicker but ideally you need good team mates and a bit of luck.

And The Surge on anything higher than Insane mode is very hard to speedrun. You need alot of luck for that!

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I wouldn’t bother with The Surge. The Clock seems best and playable on Incon and Master. I find you can earn 2x to 3x times amount of XP on The Clock in a single run. But this got nothing to do with cards though. The Clock FTW on a Incon and Master for Epic and Legendary.

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Yeah, I agree. I’ve beaten The Clock a lot of times on Master and I’ve gotten around…

2500-3000 XP
2 legendary skill cards
1-2 epic skill cards

All with just completely one match.

Atm, we have a guy grinding Cold finish on a Lizzie. So we keep a reject alive as we go into the shower room so she can get her ult (with the sisters to the end card).

On Insane we have about a 90% success rate using this, only times we really fail is from a mistake from us rather than bad rng.

If you have bad teammates it could be difficult, but seen as I play with 2 other people I know, I never really have that problem.

I’ve not really looked at The Clock one though. Might be time for me to look at it before TU4.

Clock runs are fairly reliable. I’ve certainly done Incon and Master runs with a friend as Mac and me as Lizzie there when I had nothing better to do. Only two players. If you’re good enough at handling Scions and Drone Elites, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a high success rate out of it. But you’ll need the Silverback quite a bit, especially if you get Elites in the second section. But you should usually leave the ammo pickups for Mac as he somewhat needs that Boltok ammo.