Best Escape Map for Boss Kills?

What would everyone consider to be the most efficient map(s) for obtaining the Operation-4 “Boss Hunter” (boss eliminations) medal for Escape?
Also, does the game track these boss kills even if I do not complete the entire map? Can I kill a boss and then die/restart to save time?

My first thought was that “The Gauntlet” would be the best map, however, all I ever seem to get is scion and warden encounters on this map and neither are counted toward this medal.

On “The Malfunction” there is a stump encounter (sometimes) which is counted as a boss, but it is honestly so inefficient to need to go through the whole map just for one boss kill and then have to go through all of the cut-scenes again and again.

Thanks in advance for any responses/help.


The trap hive i think is best, just stick on more stumps. Think u get 4/ 6 per run.


I am going to give that a try then. Thank you very much.

Your welcome.

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With stat tracking (boss kills, etc), I believe in OP1 and possibly 2, the game would track all stats regardless of finish. Currently, you only get ‘credit’ if you complete the medal/challenge, or finish the act/wave/match.

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Thank you a lot for this bit of information; I definitely did not want to waste a bunch of my time by thinking that it would track the kills without completion if it wasn’t going to. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t track.

No problem. I appreciate the post, as I plan on going for the escape boss medal, and did not want to grind more than needed.

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Not a problem.
And yea exactly; this medal has been pretty time-consuming for me, but eviljas247’s suggestion is actually making this a lot quicker. For that suggested hive there is even a difficulty-modifier that increases the number of stumps that spawn, which I did not know.

Do assists count towards the medal or does only the player that gets the elimination get credit?

Elimination =/= kill. Doesn’t matter if you did 99% or 1% of a bosskill. Slighest scratch from you counts as an elimination, just like PvP.

This is good to know, even though new operations have come to an end.