Best demolition skill cards?

Title says it all gamers

This is what I use

I’m still learning the ways of Demo but I’ve killed a fair share of bosses with this build and saved my group from Demise when no one else has the DPS. You can swap out Custom Boomshot or GL for Concussive Strike but I’ve been told it does not apply to bosses which may or may not be a bug?

Officer’s Prerogative is another one you can swap out the Custom Boom/GL cards for if you have a preference between using the two weapons but I recommend keeping a GL on you because it builds Death from Above fairly damn quick.

I believe some Demo’s get creative and use Satchel/Gambit builds aswell but I’ve yet to try it so I can’t recommend it. Look around the forums, there are very very good horde/escape players here that would be happy to answer questions about cards and builds to improve overall horde/escape players.


Looking at my cards you made me realize how often I don’t get to use spotter support so I’m about to swap that out for Good Kill and see how my experience goes.


I imagine spotter support would be nice to use in a team where there’s a tactician that’s marking a lot

Standard setup for me is Razor Hail, Spotter Support, Custom Boomshot, Custom Lancer GL and Officers Prerogative. Spotter Support sometimes comes with a bug to drop additional charges on the same enemy and it just generally helps if your team is marking too (e.g. boss enemies too far spread out). Best paired with a Tactician who runs Interrogation of course to quickly wipe out waves.

Confirmed Kill only seems to work with one kill,not multiple so it’s not really worth it. Concussive Strike is a bit pointless since boss enemies seem to be unaffected and the others usually dead. Anything else almost makes no sense. A Striker is better off throwing grenades around if you tend to play with grenades.


Yeah but with Confirmed kill and ultimate perk at 10 your getting your ultimate back instantly on main bosses. I wouldn’t play without it.

This current Demo setup is so powerfully that it’s absolutely pleasure to play. Well for me anyway. It’s what a Demo should be. Blowing sheeeeyat up none stop. I would not fire a single bullet as Demo.

I only run Razor Hail, Offices Prerogative, Custom Boomshot, Confirmed Kill and Spotter Support. Mind you I always play with same people so they know to mark.

You can achieve that even without Confirmed Kill.

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Not as quick buddy and when that Matriarch or Swarmak are on the charge every second counts.

Put these five cards on and never take them off. Custom Boomshot, Officers Prerogative, Razor Hail, Confirmed Kill and Spotter Support.

Get your Ultimate cool down perk to ten ASAP. Work with four Boomshots, one Freedom Lancer if you really want and always carry some frags.

If your gonna use the Freedom Lancer get your critical perk to ten also.

I have used this setup all through op5 and nothing kills sheeeeyat as fast as this setup. Don’t listen to any Fool here that tells you otherwise.

You will have your ultimate up to seven times on some bosses…YES UP TO SEVEN TIMES. That’s is the highest amount of ultimates I’ve had using this setup on a single wave.

Mind you all my cards are on six but even with lower cards your still gonna demolish everything, just a little slower.


goodness you’re like a woke demolitions telling me how the system works
I’ve never used Preogative tbh but it sounds pretty nice.
also do all GL hits count as crits?

Mate I play with two guys who have over 1k frenzy completions each and around 200 50 wave horde completions each. They have all classes maxed out and done everything in horde and escape.

When they told me to put these cards on and never take them off, I listened. If you just wanna kill things in the most efficient and quickest way, that’s the setup to use for Demo. You will get bored with it eventually as it’s so easy once you got the hang of it.

I stand by this as I had so much fun during op5 with Demo, especially if you partner up with Keegan and his interrogation card. Waves over in 40 seconds.

The critical perk I only do if I’m gonna use the GL. You drop nukes on their heads so most of the time it’s a critical hit.

Honestly try this and get your Demo cards up. You will be amazed how easy Masters horde can be with Demo.


Sounds to me like a bug with Confirmed Kill in corelation of the Ultimate perk. I’ll give it a shot next time I got the nerves to play this boring class. This made me curious. I’m not using the GL except for bosses anyways.

The card “Good kill” is really underestimated but very useful to give ammo to the whole team at the start of the game in frenzy .

That’s why I play it mate. To relax and not worry to much about crap. I’m too tired after work to stress over gaming, especially Gears 5.

There’s no need to play that card in horde at all. You have lockers and perks with ammo regen and power to do what you want.

In escape on the other hand it can be very handy.

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Ditto. Those are the exact cards I run too. Absolutely no need for the Custom Lancer GL. I don’t even buy the weapon - contrary to what some people may think, it’s not necessary at all. I just use Boomshots and scavenge a couple of other explosive weapons along the way too - Salvo, Dropshot, Torque… anything really. On the rare occasions I even bought a GL, I found I didn’t even use it - it was just on my locker.

The Tactician/Interogation/Demolitions/Spotter Support/Confirmed Kill combo is absolutely disgusting. It wipes so many enemies and from wave 11 upwards your Artillery charges super quick. You basically get 1 use per wave - sometimes more.

That said, you need a skilled Tactician to make the magic though!

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Now that you said it, nerf incoming soon.


Well doesn’t really matter to me anyway. I’ve got my frills out of it and Demo is maxed out. Plus we are all used to TC so it want come as a surprise if it happens.

To be honest, when I play Demo and one other friend plays Tactician and the whole screen lights up🥲🥲🥲 It’s the only time I have fun in the game now.

Honestly, so many stupid and annoying nerfs have been implemented in the name of stopping GL spamming, personally, I would be perfectly fine if they removed the GL from the game COMPLETELY, and gave us back capacity cards, for demo and tactician…

I find GL annoying… I’d much rather have the boom and drop.

I don’t want it gone because I don’t like USING it, I mean, I can choose not to use, right, I want it gone IF that means we can undo some stupid nerfs…