Best cards for marcus on escape

Title says it’s all. I’m currently at level 14 with him and I am having a hard time choosing his cards until horde. Thanks!

Run clock and don’t main him on escape

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He is actually good on Lethal Engagements but I can’t think of any other map he is good on.


I have been grinding clock and the more I play escape, the more i see marcus suited for escape. He is just my favorite character so that’s why I generated the post.

Clock is an easy map to use any character on. I’d say you could go try a medium difficulty hive like The Descent, or perhaps The Choke with Marcus. Hell, if you wanna push it go for The End, Ice Queen or Gauntlet. Then tell us how good Marcus is outside of when his ult is active or just in general for Escape.


He seems pretty good on the Barracks because he can get a Retro early on and plenty of Hammerburst ammo laying around, then he gets another Lancer in Act II Mines, although you may want to use a Claw instead at that point. One of the few characters who can reliably kill juvie mobs but he has to use his ultimate. Actually, Sarah isn’t bad either as she starts with a Boltok which is pretty good at taking out Juvies and Drones, and then if you take Act II Mines, there’s poppers and lots of explosives so she should have 7 grenade bombs by the end which would clear out anything in your way pretty much.

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Yeah Marcus is lowwww tire escape lOl

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I’m not much of a meta player lol

Cards are going to vary depending on the map.
If you can rely on lancers then custom lancer is great, rifle feedback is usually good except on maps that mess with ultimates.
Dug in and last ditch are almost always good.
Escape throws you card changing curve balls though

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Only if their were more players that thought this way.


He plays very well with a Keegan. A maxed out Dig In and at least a level 4 healing resupply would make Marcus invulnerable in cover. But then you wouldn’t be able to use Explosive resupply as Keegan.

His Band of Brothers card and his ultimate can be useful if you have a Mac, active headshots and stim would help a lot, especially if Mac is in the Venom and is using Adrenlin Junkie.

Marcus is a character that is very easy to get wrong in Escape, but if you get him right, he can be very useful in both damage and support for your teammates.


What are the tiers then? Here is my tier list. Let me know if it’s wrong.

Tier A:

Cole, Lahni

Tier B:

Keegan, Lizzie, Mac

Tier C:

Baird, Clayton, Emile, Marcus, Sarah

Tier D:

COG Gear, Grace, Kat

Tier A are characters that can carry the team, so it shouldn’t matter who the other two are so long as they’re competent. Tier B are great complements to Tier A characters but in most cases would have problems on their own. Tier C are slightly weaker replacements of Tier B characters (besides Clayton who is unique), but good players on a decent team would be able to compensate. For example, Baird is basically Mac except he needs a precision weapon and his ult to get the bleed effect, Emile is Lahni without venom cards, Sarah is Keegan with more ammo and frag damage instead of bleed and resupply. Marcus is sorta like Lizzie except his ult is weaker, puts him at more risk, and also needed to get his stim.

This is just my quick synopsis after a few weeks playing Escape. Not saying I’m an expert with all these characters. Some of them I haven’t even spent much time with, so let me know if I’ve got it wrong and what differences are in your list.

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I’d put Keegan into A tier as soon as he can get his hands on explosives, albeit requiring a competent enough player to do carrying without much support from everyone else.

Say what? Mac and Keegan are top tier Escape characters.

Top Tier: Cole, Lahni, Mac, Keegan

2nd Tier: Lizzie, Baird, Clayton, Emile, Grace

Bottom Tier: Marcus, COG Gear, Sarah Connor, Kat

I usually play my favorite characters, with me bouncing between marcus, clayton, and cog gear (I just unlocked them). I know everyone has their best builds for the characters and that’s why I ask because I enjoy grinding them out. I appreciate everyone’s input

But Keegan is hopeless on some maps with no way of dealing with a large juvie mob. For example, there’s one in the beginning of the Barracks. Keegan would never even get to the Dropshot before being eaten alive by juvies. At least Baird, Mac, and Sarah starts with a Boltok so they’re slightly more useful to start off. In general, Keegan is useless until he gets a Boomshot, Dropshot, Torque, or Salvo. Also, a lot of people play him too aggressive, forgetting he has no defense. One wrong move will be the end, usually in a bad spot that puts the team at risk of being wiped out, as well.

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I don’t get the Barracks juvie mob reference? Are you trying to solo master with Keegan? Of course he isn’t good against lots of juvies. Not many characters outside of Cole or Lizzie’s silverback are really effective.

Also Keegan’s Resupply, Recharge Bounty and possibility for super damage active longshot headshots make him useful on certain maps that don’t have many or no explosives.

I ran a Master on Lethal Engagements earlier as Mac with friends as Keegan and Lizzie and Keegan’s super headshots and Resupply were a vital part of our successful completion.