Best cards for blade master

im gonna do malfunction soon lol

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Brutal Claw.

On a serious note, Thrill of the hunt and the other venom cards.

@Ultra_Gnasty Can you help out?


Firstly, good luck. Its a tough one. One of the toughest ones.

Secondly, TOTH, Venom Blade, Short range deflection, Shock Chain, and Venom Resistance.

This is the setup I use for almost every map. The only map that I change anything on is for The Line, I switch out short range deflection for Brawler on that map.


Which of those should you drop for Brutal claw?

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All of them. It should be the only card I need, especially with the abundance of Elite Drones and Claws on that map.


ok thanks

Still writing in present form? Hmmm… :thinking:

I can assure you koty hasn’t been playing Gears for a while now.

Not that I’m stalking or anything. It’s just hard to miss when I go on the xbox app for messages, or the console overlay.

Its just easier to write as if I played still instead of saying things like “when I did play i used to use this” or things in past tense.

Even though I stopped playing i still like to discuss the game and help people/give advice to people. Thats why I joined the forums after all.


Banana clip, deep pockets, efficient executioner, gnasher mastery and brutal claw.

There should be the facility to load 5x brutal claw cards for +300% damage.


Does Short Range Deflection help against freezing Shepherds at all? I have no idea since the Freezing Mulchers don’t reflect off of Gunner ultimate but Freezing Imagos do for some reason.

Short range deflect does help, but it doesn’t make a big difference until you start meleeing something for bleed against those DBs. And the fact that they have freeze damage makes things very wonky to say the least. Gunner’s freeze resist certainly doesn’t work at the supposed 95% reduction against them.

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It helps with the actual damage they do, I know that for sure. They do regular damage as well as freeze damage.

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It seems to help me survive just a little longer. But they can still freeze you decently fast.

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It would be hilarious for you to go the complete opposite way and offer advice starting with “back in my day when I played Gears 5 PVE and was in peak mental condition prior to my sudden retirement”


I’ll do this at random times, then. Will result in confused responses im sure. Lol

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