Best and Easiest XP Farm?

What’s the best XP Farm now?
Ideally something super easy.
Looking for both Class XP and level XP

Jingle Juvies on Atrium is pretty laid back. 45k xp with no ribbons, 100k xp with 30 ribbons.

Any class can do it, just grab a scorcher and go to town.

Insane Surge or if you’re feeling lucky Inconceivable Surge

For Easy horde try master jingle juvies Atrium, overload or campdrive veteran with retro/claw is great for those ribbons

For xp only Lethal Encounters ~15-20k account xp per run

Also if you go to work/shopping/bed afk on Abyss with Jack in the middle with 10 times xp that would yield 400k in 4-5hrs of Idling

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does this boost event thing affect character xp or is just re-up levels and what not?

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It affects everything. @staindgrey can confirm. He got his jack from 17 to 20 in 3 frenzy games.

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Fanbloodytastic! I can finally get a dent in those promos I never play as lol.

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I didn’t even mention one of those Frenzy games we failed. :rofl:

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Pretty much anything where you ‘complete’ a match and get Ribbons. So 1-50 is easy to do for Class XP and Level XP from the Ribbons.

If you do Escape, they’d give okay Class XP but can’t get high enough Level XP.

LE is just high Level XP, but no Class XP.

Frenzy is just high Class XP, but not easy to get lot of Ribbons.

So that’s why I think 1-50 is best, and 5x XP is massive anyway. As long as you get 30+ Ribbons.

Something super easy would be 1-50 Overload, Blood Drive or similar.

Some classes like Jack and Engineers, aren’t going to get lot of Ribbons for Level XP, so they’re better off in Frenzy or Jingle Juvies.

This is exactly the thread I was looking for, thanks!

Do I get ribbons if I’m alone or do I need players/bots? I’m pretty sure I can solo Jingle Juvies with veteran.

Really just start a private match thats opem and im sure peeps will join for the xp

Well some Slugger joined and got MVP pretty much 15+ times. Infiltrator is good for this but Slugger is definitely better.

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The Ribbonator hath spoken!


Running master “The Descent” hive and getting the first ribbon(same method as Lethal Engagements) gives you 17K XP and 900 CXP per run during this XP event.

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Dunno about you all but I just play the game

Any horde is gonna give you some crazy xp during this event, especially if you’ve got a boost on too.


I just did an overload to see how much it would give for a 50 and I went up 20 levels. It says boost bonus 145k.

You may as well just play the game now and have fun. Nothing more is coming, so just play at bit more on these events. I think they will come often enough now to keep people playing.

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Do surge runs on insane for any low level class,. 10K exp per run along with cards in less than 3 minutes, Repeat until get to level 14 or 15/16. After that just do 50 overload, as mentioned above, it gives around 145K cxp with the current boost.

Play David in 1v1, wins and kills for days.


I like how you consistently bully David and he still loves you more than ever

Right. Lol