Berserker Gameplay (Spoiler)

It’s called Matriarch.

Skip to 1:24:00.

  • It seems like she can jump around long, high distance. Like Snatchers.
  • She has a quill-like spike attack, similar to Pouncers.
  • These quills spike seem to immobilise you, so you cannot move unless you pull these out.
  • Its weak spot is right behind it. On the section where spikes located.

Things that looked weird to me is how characters act like nothing happened, when pulling these quills out. Even Marcus in Ascendance had to use wound sealer manually. But this is a video game and still looks ridiculous. They would’ve bled out.

Sentries will have hard time, dealing with Matriarch. Because they shoot forwards, not right behind enemies.

On Wave 19, I noticed Mulcher Scion. So this is probably the Leech variant with Hunters.


Havent even played horde yet and i already hate the Matriarch, but i will be honest at least they are unique.


It’s probably the most toughest boss ever, out of all previous Horde bosses.


Sonic the hedgehog jump😁


Gotta go fast.


Trust me I will be the first one to be killed by her, and others ,sadly I always do😭Like how the snow storm can freeee you/icy water


Cool boss.

I think they should tone down the ‘matriarch spotted’ lines after the initial introduction. It’s like, ‘yeah I know we’ve been fighting it for 5 minutes now.’

She has a skin condition on her back which serves as her weak point.


It’s all those sun rays beating down, gave the poor ■■■■■ cancer.


On the Asylum map, I would want to see what happens if a train smashed a Berserker. Instant death?

I imagine it would be disabled for Horde.

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Well now that you mention it, I don’t remember seeing a moving train on this stream of Asylum by GoldGlove. Already on Wave 30 and no moving train…

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It was the same with Tyro Station, Avalanche etc in previous Gears.

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Whatever happened to “dynamic maps”? :neutral_face:

Kryll was still there for Bullet Mash on Gears 3 Horde though.

There was actually a moving train on Wave 35. It’s there in Horde.

Can we just stop for a sec and talk about the implications around the name ‘Matriarch’?

There was clearly a large emphasis put on this berserker like creature in the ‘Kait Unleashed’ trailer. Showing it bubbling in that green glowing pod… My initial assumptions was that this is where the conscience of Niles was being kept and that is how a long dead man was able to stay alive and call some shots.

However, now being called the Matriarch, the takes many of my theories down a completely different path.


Not once did I even think Niles and Matriarch were the same thing. Or even Niles’ AI uploaded into Matriarch’s mind set. I always thought they were two different things.

Niles survived that long because he’s an AI? He can be long dead and doesn’t need an organic form.

But Matriarch meaning “a woman who is the head of a family or tribe.” and “an older woman who is powerful within a family or organisation.” This only proves it further.

She could possibly be the first Berserker. Or even the Queen Berserker. Or a fertile one that made the rest of Locust? Or some Locust. No idea.

Or she’s an evolved Berserker and Scions might have used New Hope for their own purposes,


I was going to say we watching the same thing? He got killed by it multiple times it’s definitely there :laughing:

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Bro I had a think about what you said and maybe in story mode when you fight her you will have do deal with it more realistically if you get me. Maybe just for horde its like this because it’s faster pace and no time to stop really and who knows maybe the beserker in story mode is different than the ones In horde and not as easy and simple to deal with

Lol @ the name. Why would they start calling it a matriarch? :man_facepalming:t2: Oh wait we’re playing as kait. Future is female. Woman’s rights. It’s all good now.

It’s a swarmzerker. I’m not calling it a matriarch. STOP being so cringey. This is sera. It’s not earth. Also come up with some new enemy designs. The swarm still look like bacon.

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