Berserker Boss Battle

So, I was going through YouTube because It’s 8AM in a Sunday and I’m bored. I ended up coming across this video: Gears of War - Berserker Boss Battle - YouTube

Honestly It gave me a lot of memories from the original Gears of War. I remember I was so scared of the Berserker, I just hid in a corner so It couldn’t get me, whilst in the background Anya is telling me I’m running out of time. Lmao


I pitted a friend who’d never played Gears (or any video games for that matter, besides the early AC games) against the Berserker in the Tomb on Insane, turned Brightness down way low and watched him cry.

Then aptly took the controller and beat it first try without roadie running. He was dumbfounded but I had to explain that while terrifying at first, the Berserker fights were the easiest to beat in Gears–at least for me.


Cruel and unusual punishment.

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HE HAD IT COMING. He always fudges dice rolls when we play D&D. I sit there, watch him roll a 7, he looks up to stare into my eyes, “I rolled a 15,” he says.

“Is that with your modifier?” I ask.

“Oh! No! With the mod it’s… 18 actually.”

“Okay, yeah… Wanna play some Gears?”


Savage. I approve.

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You know what? Fair enough. Burn his mongrel hide

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LMAO, unfortunate in D&D there’s that one friend that ruins the whole game. :joy:

I’d say so but I’ve got another who always names his character “Steven.”

Wanna guess what his name is IRL?

LMAO, Chad?

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