Bernie is coming!


Shes gotta have some funny emotes. Lol

inb4: Sams voicelines and/or half her lines are missing


Oh I hope so!!

She’s on par with Sam :smiley:

I expect funny and badass lines from her!


It wont even be Bernies voice, itll be Marcus.


you don’t even play Gears anymore, traitor

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Also, she better not have an annoying voice emote with her disgusting voice

Give me my Granny! My Boomer Lady, my living legend with cat fur boots!


Ik ik :relieved:


But I no longer have grey hairs best friend. It’s for the best. Unless Sofia or Valera comes back I wont be coming back.

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wish I could edit Gary’s bowl to say “Grey”

I play Guardian, and every match I use Clay to say: : “This is for you Grey”


I’m so flattered :sob:

But I hate that tuning and that game is just unfun to me. But I like to lurk on the forums :relieved: the people here are nice.

Hear me out, why don’t you pick up the game when OP8 comes out. Use Bernie, and keep playing with us until Gears 6?

Seems like enough time for you to decide if you still wanna play or not

Bernie won’t bring me back because I don’t care about her. I haven’t touch Gears 5 since OP7 mid-drop because of how god awful the content was. If it’s only just Bernie then I couldn’t care even more
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I don’t care.

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in the trailer Bernie had 2 lines that I know was just Sam’s voice lol

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Well looks like 2 characters and one new map for drop 1.

Clearly not going out with a bang if that’s all it is.

■■■■ me if they bolstered the maps with gears 4s most would be happier. New map looks good for sure but why not partner it with fuel depot & diner or something.


There’s a trailer?

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Yeah just came out.

I think there’s a Young Bernie in the trailer which is pretty cool.

Ritual looks good. Jungle Tai and Hivebuster Dizzy is in there too. Saw a Locust/Scion thats new. Its cool that Vrol is character. Never wouldve expected that.

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Cool one of my favourite characters is finally arriving. I will swap to her when I play Marksman. Sorry Fahz.

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