Beneficial PvE Thingies

I think he means the shooting through walls results in more damage but i personally think that’s intended.


It’s not listed anywhere officially by Coalition so I see why he would say that. I personally too lean towards believing its intentional. More walls between you and an enemy could mean you’re further away which is sort of a diminishing return.

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You mean the Personal Defense card or something entirely different that I don’t know about?

Probably Deebee weapon dmg and the consecutive hits stacked. Really not that extreme outside of Escape though, doesn’t even cause stagger before enemies will gun you down.

To quote Andy Dufrain, How can you be so obtuse?

Must be great, living in your world… Where you can take a sentence out of a paragraph, ignore the rest of that paragraph, and just keep harping on that one sentence, ignoring the context. Or better yet, make your own context :grin:

Anyhooo, what is this magic solution where i can put a GL on a locker, go back to it 5min later, and have it be fully loaded with 3 rockets? Do share…

You know, beyond getting the 3rd rocket from an ammo box or just constantly be taking/putting that weapon back onto the locker, until it reloads?

Actually, you know what? I dont care. I just enjoy laughing at the poor quality of the code these game companies push to production, and get away with it. These must be the rejects from other spheres of software development since nowhere else would they keep their jobs releasing such buggy software. Even it work arounds did exist for the bugs.

I am almost 100% sure that in the beginning it was either stated or it was in Fahz’s profile that xray shots did cause more damage. I don’t remember them ever saying they would undo this though.

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Its not my secret to share.

This. Same here I am sooo sure (source: trust me bruh) that someone, either the game or one of the devs in a Dev Streaming, actually said that Fahz Ultimate became stronger if you were shooting enemies through a wall. And that depending on the number of walls each shot went through, the shots would get stronger,


There’s plenty of that on these forums, if you’re wrong about one thing then you must be dumb.
And no, the irony of this response isn’t lost on me.

It works with the Scorcher but it is pretty weak.

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So shooting abullet through multiple walls just automatically makes it stronger, must be intentional…

Then why did they not highlight it and why doesn’t it happen consistently?

Definitely intentional.

Same as with Disciplined, incorrect values.

You can melt a Scion in Horde with a single clip on Master with double-health.

According to the game yes

Maybe they forgot

Damage in PvE doesn’t seem to be consistent (in my opinion) feels like there is some form of damage variance. A good example is sometimes I one shot a DR-1 in xray and the next shot will take its health down to 90-95%.
feels like you aren’t landing consistent damage numbers.

hey cmon man feel free to quote the other 3 people who said it too lol.


It is and as @Nagnirnahs said the source is trust me bruh lol.

They did in like OP 1 or 2 and because its TC so nothing in this game is consistent.

It is lol.

So the best source I can do for now is a reddit guide, but it is the 3rd guide I have come across that mentions X-ray increases damage.

As Nomad, the Armored Shot works for the GL Lancer rockets (again). I’m fairly certain this was patched at some point and came back. I’m generally not the biggest fan of abusing glitches like this that go against the intended playstyles of a class but I guess at this point I may have to embrace it

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I’ve noticed that if you don’t hit DR-1s dead-center in the face they don’t seem to take as much damage.
I don’t know if this is just connection issues or an oversight by TC or what, but it happens to me consistently.

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It’s a hitbox issue. For all I can tell, it’s an issue with all humanoid DBs, where for whatever reason the edges of their heads don’t always count as a headshot when hit.


Which is funny because you still do a good chunk of damage as if it were a headshot. Usually body shots to enemies with longshot is noticeably low but DR-1 seem to work like a bullseye target where you need to directly land in the middle to work.

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