Bender Bending Rodríguez for Gears 5 #BenderGears5

Sign me up! :smiley:

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Yeah, well, the reason I suggested Bender is because he shares the same voice actor with Marcus Fenix. Perhaps Bender is not the best cameo character, but cmon, do it for DiMaggio!

Might as well go with Scoop from F is for Family. DiMaggio’s best work to date.

Guys, I usually don’t beg for upvotes or likes, but c’mon, amigos, help me out here! Please, we have, we ought to convince TC to add Bender as a playable character! Let him be a skin variation for the Terminator but with his unique phrases and perhaps Planet Express weapon skins (optional, though). Upvote this if you want to see Bender in Gears!

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Delivery Boy Fry (Mac Skin)

But also Hermes running out of ammo “MY MANWHICH”
Or Farnsworth at the end of a horde wave “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE”

Could also have Vale from Halo 5 Since Bailey also voices her more likely to get Alex Brand and Alicia Val since they are Gears characters also voiced by Bailey


I think The Coalition should add THE JOKER , its far more awesome. and Ill certainly buy it .

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Which voice actor?

Interestingly enough, DiMaggio also did the voice of the Joker, Damn, who can’t he voice? Mark Hamill would’ve been also a good choice

I really didn’t like his Joker.

The best choice. Troy Baker being the second preference.