Being spawned killed

(BindiRoy1974) #1

Last few days this been very bad. Spawned killed with in few seconds after being respawned enemy team spawns on top of us killing us with in seconds. Team isnt out of spawn area yet. It goes on and on till all respawns are gone. Match after Match same thing.

(Slipping Flames) #2

Map and mode?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #3

When I played against players from The Coalition, this is all they did was try to spawn trap. So, if the designers play that way I think the game is going to be made to cater to they style, unfortunately.

Personally, I think spawn trapping is a trash style of playing. Unsporting and not particularly fun unless you only care about the W, not the action. I always try to get my teammates to hang back a bit and let players be able to put up a fight. I like playing in squads but I don’t like bullying.

(HayMaker304) #4

Actually something we can agree on lol

(BindiRoy1974) #5

All Verses all maps . Even private verses.


Some maps lean toward this possibility especially classic maps from Gear 3 vanilla and earlier that either didn’t have Team Deathmatch (Gears 2 and before) or were Gears 3 original (non-DLC maps) that weren’t fully tested with Team Deathmatch (eg. Drydock). Alterations were made to two of the four Gears 3 Beta maps for this very reason of spawn trapping - the extra 2 corridors out of Thrashball spawns (to make three) and the cave in Trenches - as spawn killing was prevalent with those two maps.

I don’t think ‘ease-of-spawn-killing’, for lack of a better term, was/is a design goal of either EPIC or TC as it just frustrates players especially casuals which are more vulnerable to this strategy. Frustrated players stop playing (and buying premium content such as skins) or tell there friends not to buy in the first place.

(Slipping Flames) #7

I’ve been spawned trapped a couple of times, but it’s not possible on all maps to my knowledge. Occasionally the enemy will spawn on top of you, but not every time.

I’m actually ok with spawn trapping as a strategy (and I play solo). Its a legitimate strategy IMHO. Takes a team with knowledge of how far to push/ cover corners playing against a team that doesn’t understand how to break it.

(BindiRoy1974) #8

Security map was really bad for spawn murders. Along with mercy

(Slipping Flames) #9

Blood drive is usually the worst.

(BindiRoy1974) #10

Yesterday I was in 5v5 group private game 50 respawns each. Match was over in 2 minutes 45 seconds 7 rounds 13 mins we were never able to get out of our spawn cause we were spawned murdered on checkout

(Engage MoocH) #11

Maps that are easy spawn traps;
Blood Drive
Dry Dock
The Slab
War Machine

All the maps above i have got stuck at spawn with the opposition setting up and lancering as soon as you leave cover.

On the other maps however it is still possible but you have a higher chance of getting out of spawn than you do on the maps above.

They should flip the spawns more often tbh, however if your teammates play wisely you can get out of any spawn trap with the right smokes and push in the weakest areas. I have been able to get out of spawn trap even in Checkout.

But i do get your point, it’s highly frustrating.

(BindiRoy1974) #12

All they do is spam, boomshots, dropshots , all type grenades. I had the last laugh ended the game right on them. I was the only one with the best strongest connection to host game. I warned them play fair or else. They were dumb and did it anyway. I struck back killed game. Now you see why I hate verses mode.

(DctRxDooM) #13

If your getting spawn killed on Koth there is a huge issue, you spawn all over the map. You can’t get spawn killed in execution, dodgeball another mode you spawn at multiple points, escalation if your getting spawn killed then your getting trip capped which is the point, guardian you spawn wherever leader is so yeah again that’s the point, that leaves deathmatch-which is the only game mode where you can get spawn trapped and if so the spawns flip.
So how is it every game mode and map?

(mizzelphug) #14

Two Things:

  • Luckily Hammer of Dawn isn’t in Multiplayer
  • I’m glad Rooftops isn’t in this game. That map can eat a bucket of d***s.
    It was the worst spawn-trap map out of any Gears game.

(BindiRoy1974) #15

Team death match heavy on spawn murders. I know 7 rounds of 50 respawns game over in less then 2 1/2 mins each round. One round it was done in 90 seconds. Each of my team mates had no less then 65 deaths and zero score. We couldn’t get a shot off without being blown up instantly.