Being De-ranked Because of Quitters-System needs changing

I’ve been sitting on Onyx 3 for a week. I was literally within 1 win of hitting Diamond numerous times. And every time I somehow draw some ham and egger RANDOM team mate that quits.
I worked late last night, and decided to play a few before bed. Drew an opposing team that was average. Period. Very average. Literally within the first minute of the match a team mate of mine quit. FIRST MINUTE. We lost 2-0 but were within 15 points of winning both matches. Having a 4th we would have won walking away. So, I lost 1,000 points for that. I tell myself, “maybe he is young and his mom nade him get off”. So, I go check his profile. He is playing Fortnite. He quit a match within the 1st minute, hosed everyone on the team to go play Fortnite. I’m not hating on Fortnite, but it couldn’t have waited 30 minutes. ?
I say F it…ill go again. This time again, opposing team was decent. Better than the first draw. But I also happened to get 2 Masters players on my team.and another Onyx. We are five minutes into the match, and WINNING by 20 points or so…and lo and behold the other Onyx player quits. WHILE WE ARE WINNING i think, “maybe he dc’d and he will be back”. Nope. Never popped back in. We wound up losing 2-0 again, but again very very close matches playing 3-4. Definitely would have won those as well. So, instead of breaking into diamond, I’m now sitting at just barely inside Onyx 3…almost back to Onyx 2.

Obviously the punishment for quitting in Ranked isnt harsh enough to be any type of deterrent. Something needs to give. Maybe after 2;quits you start losing rank. Like you are dropped from Onyx to Gold. And you lose the tier cosmetic reward unless you regain that rank. And then on your fourth quit you start back at Bronze 1 with no cosmetics unless you regain that rank. And on 5th quit you can’t play ranked again until next Operation.
And lastly, taking points away from the team mates whose only affiliation to the quitter is through random match making assignment is just unfair. I didn’t want the player to quit. I’ve got no problem giving the other team points for the win, but don’t take points from me because I lost. I shouldn’t lose my buy in points. Just leave me at the exact same place I was when I entered the match. That is fair. Being de-ranked bc of quits just doesn’t even make sense. I could see if we were a 4stack and 1 of us quits. That’s on the team. But not randoms whom I don’t know. Please think about changing the system. Sincerely

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They can’t punish too harshly. The playerbase is already thin as is and I doubt that they’re getting many new players to stick around with how fun and great Ranked is in the current state.

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@HerrKatzchen Their is a big difference in being “punished too harshly” and “not being punished at all”. Their is absolutely no incentive to not quitting.
And for the Record, quitting is a “younger generations” attitude. Its a “What Do I care if it hoses everyone” mindset. “As long as Im doing what I want to do…who cares if it will affect you”.
I understand things happen… situations might arise that necessitate a quit once in a blue moon. I dont understand spending the time to wait on match making and queing…only to load in and quit after 1 minute of game play to instead go play Fortnite. That is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ to the 19th degree.

Wdym? The quickplaymatches-penalty not a thing anymore?

Then you don’t play ranked where you have to commit, if you know something might come up.

@HerrKatzchen i simply mean playing a quick play match isnt really a punishment.
When I said “necessitate quitting” I meant a situation like a medical emergency or an out of the blue “code brown”.

It’s time not spent on quitting ranked, so it’s something. And afaik you have to reach a certain score so you can’t just idle it out.

And how often do you think people quit because of emergencies? Not very likely imo

To this I say get the F**K off gaming completely.

I once had an argument on the forums about this because I told a guy or gal who said they have to quit ranked because of emergencies and work to stop playing ranked. If anyone falls into this category please stop playing ranked and join quickplay because that is part of its design. Either set aside some time and commit or stay out of ranked. If you have a busy schedule then the last thing you should ever play is a game where your very absence can effect the result.

Someone is probably reading this and going “sure its easy for you to say” and to that I say no its not. I work all the time and now more then ever because of the C-virus (gives it a more resident evil vibe lol) and majority of the time have zero time to commit to ranked so I don’t. what I do is work around my schedule and set aside time for such things and if I can’t then I don’t commit to modes that need me on the team so I play quickplay or CO-OP vs AI so I can leave whenever I need to. Im not big on leaving quickplay either because sometimes its really fun but its quickplay and I expect players to drop in and out.

Anyway if you have no time for a mode that requires your time, if you know you will have to leave at any point during the match, if you constantly have work and if you have emergencies more often then not then its best to stay out of ranked.

Probably going to get a little backlash for that but thats my 2 cents lol. As for the OP I fracking hate quitters and would love to see the ones who frequent quitting banned permanently but I don’t see TC hitting them hard because Gears just isnt popular enough to enforce harsher penealties.

May have gone on one there but its all ive got for now … anyway … ive got work to do … go away while I don’t play ranked lol.


@WrinklyHornet34. I’m really confused about what you’re trying to say wrinkly hornet .You copied and pasted some things I had written, and then added your own additions to them. One of them being to get the french fry out of gaming completely. Are you saying that because I said that their are people out there that will quit a ranked match in the middle of it just because that’s what they want to do? Or are you telling me to get out of gaming bc of what I said? I’m just confused about whom you’re addressing and what you’re saying . additionally when I said there were situations that might necessitate a quit , I was talking about a medical emergency or an emergency code Brown. Those are pretty much the only times its okay to leave. Someones lopped a finger off or having a stroke, or the bottom half of your lower gastro-intestinal system is starting to “tap out” . And even then, the latter is questionable…

I don’t think they realise you’re speaking on behave of the Fornite player, and quoting their mindset, not stating your own.

That or they’re trying to wind you up on purpose… we have some… characters… on these forums.
Or maybe they mean to direct their response at the Fornite player, not you, and not being very clear about it.

The new-ish Community Service model means they’ll have to play some QuickPlay matches earning at least a minimal score (so they can’t idle it) before they’ll be allowed back into Ranked, this stops players just jumping into another game and coming back to Gears 5 when their ban time has elapsed as they used to do on the previous setup.

The more they quit Ranked, the more Community Service they build up, the longer they’ll be locked out of Ranked.
Under this system, it should deter/prevent habitual quitters form ruining the experience, but not punishing anyone for having a “Brown Alert” or similar one-off problem occasionally.

I can’t stand people who quit, but I think a lot of times, people are losing connection and or, getting some kind of error and they aren’t able to reconnect in time, in order to rejoin the game… I can’t tell you how many times, that its happened to me…

I will try to clear this up.
My “french fry” comment is directed at those who have the" I don’t care I do what I and to hell with my team" attitude. It is not directed at you. I think anyone who thinks like that should get out of anything that rewuires time and or team work.

As for the rest it is directed at those who knowingly have very little time to commit to a game that could go into over time of the average time. Of course I make allowances for outstanding emergencies like the ones you pointed out but I do not have time for someone who knows there is a more of a chance they will have to quit then there is a chance they won’t.

I don’t know if it clears it up because honestly I was never very good at making points over a forum unless it is in person. Any questions, if still unclear, and I will try my best to answer.

No disrespect but please do not ever try to answer a question that was directed at me or interpret what I am saying. If something is unclear to someone then they should ask questions like @FUNKDOKTOR has done.

Did you need three separate quotes, one per line when they were together in the original post? That seems… disrespectful.

I never claimed to be answering on your behalf, to which someone may get perturbed, but I could see how @FUNKDOKTOR might have interpreted your response as being hostile towards them and wanted to offer my two cents that it may or may not be the case, until you could respond and clear it up, which is perfectly reasonable, it is a discussion forum and wouldn’t want to see hostility erupt in a thread, being a conscientious Moderator, nothing more.

However, concern noted and I shall try to be more careful in the future.

Yes there was. unfortunately for some reason the system would not allow me to to do one big quote so instead I had to quote each sentence.

Either way funkdoktor asked me a question directly so therefore I consider that to be between me and them and commentary on what I am saying can be left till after because its only blurs the issue. So I ask, repectfully, that you not attempt to clear up or interpret something I said.

Thank you.

@WrinklyHornet34 yeah. Crystal. I 100% agree with you. Dont hit the play button unless your gonna stick it out to the bitter end.

I never quit but I keep getting banned for quitting due to Gears5 crashing to the dasboard every time someone uses the scorcher to hose down the map. First the frame rate drops, then my xboxonex fans kick into overdrive and the game completely locks up before it turns itself off.

By the time the game relaunches, the match I was in is over so I am unable to rejoin. Happens frequently enough that I’ve never reached a rank higher than onyx2.

I agree that no one else on the team should de-rank due to players vanishing from the match.

Simply code the game with a player count stipulation/argument where if the player count is not at max volume by the end then no penalties should be imposed to that team.

(What TC’s programming may look like.)

Brilliant and thanks for asking.

If I don’t have the time for ranked then you will see me in quickplay its as simple as that.

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Call me crazy but if a player not in your squad quits and you lose the match your match cost to play should be returned. I don’t mind losing but hate getting scudded and deranked due to a quitting player.

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@PANZERBOMBEN 100%. Why do I get punished for someone i have no affiliation with whatsoever except for being randomly matched with deciding to leave? I didnt influence that. Now if you are in a party and your teammate quits, then you should lose your buy in points.

Yeah I get where you are coming from as it always confused me when a player would spend the 3-7 minutes to get into a match just to quit within the first couple minutes (to play fortnight is a whole other level of frustration lol) just makes no sense.

Buuuuuuuut, I rather have a quit than go up against a 4 stack lol, that’s just me though. I’m masters so usually I can pull some good picks for teammates, games kinda been on my side in that regard as of recently lol. But definitely still get the quitting situation more times than should be appropriate for a ranked gamemode

Feel your pain. Played 4 games of KOTH5 today, 3 games had a quitter or AFK on my team. Even more insulting the AFKers (2 matched) didn’t get kicked, so got no ban. I checked all players profiles and guess what 2had “avoid me”

Upshot, I went from mid tear D1 to high O3, it is bloody frustrating. I should just stick to KOTH3 and KOTH4

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