Being Accused of Cheating When I Wasn’t

Hey Gears fam. I was playing Bunny Hunt earlier today and was doing pretty well. A player on the opposing team got upset that I headshotted him a few times and immediately claimed I was using an aimbot (I don’t even know how to do that on my Xbox) and threatened to get me banned.

Unsure if people have encountered this type of toxicity while playing Gears 5, but it was extremely off-putting. The whole experience was rather harassing actually. I’m curious to learn of steps I should take to protect myself, as I literally was just aiming at his head as he rolled/failed to utilize cover. If he were to report me for “aimbotting” would TC actually ban me no questions asked? Or perhaps, I should just ignore this player. Anyways, it bothered me enough to hop off the game for a bit.

If you weren’t then you’re good, one he’d need video proof, 2 even if TC did find a way to look without recorded footage, I’m sure they could tell or not.

But if you’re on console I believe you… last I knew that was a PC only thing, least that was the case on 4… no I’m not saying all PC players are cheaters… but am saying, as far as I knew, all these mods, were only possible on PC.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s a process to getting TC to investigate and ban cheaters, and if you’re innocent then there’s not much to worry about. The onus is on the accuser to prove that you’re a cheater. You don’t have anything to prove at this point - innocent until guilty etc.

This person will need to submit some kind of initial evidence - like gameplay footage to TC to look at. If it triggers any suspicions (which it probably won’t) then TC will look into some of your games in much more detail. And TC would need to be absolutely sure that you were cheating before they ban.


I can see some community members did respond (thanks folks!) but also wanted to be clear as well:

We do investigate claims of cheating. They would need to send a ticket in to Support with proof to support their claims. If you are not cheating, Nor breaking any of the other rules set forth by the Xbox Community Standards -, you should be fine.


Quite common in this community. Just ignore it and keep playing. Best way to move forward. Similar thing happened to me also a bunch of times already. They also claimed they have video-proof, yet never had the balls to send it over. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know what you’re on about mate, the Gears community is really intelligent and well informed.

I feel like the bad quality of the images really add a certain personality to them.

I also can’t be bothered going down the long list i have and i left all the really offensive ones out.

But if i have never been banned in the last 14 years of playing Gears when i get reported and accused of cheating almost every time i play then you will be fine buddy. Just ignore or laugh at them.


You should feel complimented

Top marks for “Don’t hate me because I’m Beautiful”

I’m sending that every bloody reply from now on.


To OP: if you don’t cheat then there is nothing to be afraid of, just block them or report them back for harassing.

Cronus would like to have a word with you (not promoting them at all, just proving that the old “PC bad, Console saint” is a thing of the past and has been for many years now).

A lot of this has to do with ping connection. Ive been playing multiple games today and i have great connection but cant hit person or its delayed and he one pieces every time with their pings 130-200. So there is unfair advantages in games regardless if your not cheating. Funny when its obvious and people still gloat. I dont bother recording anymore I play ranked games now like I would arcade and just laugh.

This is very, very mild in comparison to things I’ve been accused of and called, especially back on Gears 3 where I played daily for years.

Personally I found it hilarious and began to enjoy the “modded” messages especially. I also had no difficulty answering back.

I’d say just deal with it and move on. Sore losers will forever be jealous.

Maybe that’s just me. Block him if you must but don’t let it get to you too much, otherwise it’s a win for him.

I’ve been accused of cheating a number of times over my 13 year tenure. Not as often as I’d like as I do take it as a compliment.

I already said not all PC players are cheaters… just that I don’t see them on console. Fact remains every aim botter I ever seen, was on PC. Which is because they are modding the game, something that can be done on almost any PC game, not that I’ve ever done it nor even know how, just saying.

I got a message like this once, back when I was playing ranked versus in gears 4. I was Onyx 2 and had a lot of kills. Another player messaged me.
Player - reported!!
Me - for what?
Player - for cheating
Me- I might as well report you for cheating. Just because someone is better than you doesn’t mean they are cheating.

After that I blocked that person.

Happens all the time. Take it as a compliment.
You won’t get banned w/o evidence of cheating, no matter how many times they report you. You can report them for harassment, Block them. Or, you can give them my stock response; “lol”.


Once I cheated and got accused of cheating. The nerve of some people, how would they know???

And I’m just saying that not all console players are saints since cheats are also available to them.

I play on both, don’t want to pick an argument with you, just pointed out that it goes both ways.

Silence you disgusting men


It is what it is lol

I haven’t had much of these types of messages in recent years since I stopped playing PvP, but ages ago a person sent me a voice message screaming that my account was to be hacked and sold, nothing happened obviously (or did it :upside_down_face:)

Reports aren’t generally taken into consideration if the individual reporting you has not actually played with you, so when someone gets their friends to report you, they don’t count unless they were in the game with you.