Beginners General Horde Guide by Hu1k Daddy

Hello all,

In my already many hours of this game, there seems to still be a lot of confused players in Horde. Now before everyone starts going yea WTF is he talking about. I added the below SS to show that, well yea I know my stuff.!

Now, if you are going solo in pubs-Horde can be stressful.

Since all Power picked up in game goes to all Characters, many people start buying their own upgrades for their Character right away. Understandable, but remember this is a team game. In all honesty, other than Jack and Kait’s speed movement boost getting past one in the skills is really not needed until much later rounds. Also, if you have an Engineer playing, then don’t buy any Fortifications as they will cost more and you can’t upgrade them past Level one anyway.

So now, on with the basic breakdown.

Early Rounds:

Focus on the early game rounds to get as much power in the fabricator as possible. As the waves go on all those Personal upgrades you been buying wont count for much.

If Playing as the Engineer, do not buy Turrets early on. I see this happen all the time and is beyond frustrating. Only thing needed early is basic barriers, ammo lockers. In that order. By wave 6 or so you should go for the Forge. (If there is a Jack with you, then Forge becomes top priority). The amount of Ammo lockers Built is completely up to the player, but I recommend at least 5. That would be at least one for each player.

Middle Rounds:

This I would say is around mid 20’s wave range to early 30’s.

Hopefully you have made it this far and can see how the game changes a bit. Enemies are tougher and you may be going down a lot , But this is where you have to change your mentality. This is where the, OMG I have to survive feeling comes from.

By this point hopefully you and the random team you have been assigned to kinda figured out who is doing what and what should you be doing. (For a Character by Character Guide, I will be doing this later down the line). If there was a forge built, then its a good Idea to try and run with one main weapon on you with another on the ammo locker. This will allow you in the very few quite moments to pick up enemy weapons and put them in the Forge for more power…Yey!

If there was no Forge Built, and you are just working with the Power Taps, then try and Defend at Least one or Two every wave, as they only level up when the power is taken from them-not when they are Captured. (Also, if the Tap gets Destroyed and there is only maybe one or two enemies left in the current round. Try and Capture it again before the wave ends as then you can get the power from it at the start of the next wave)

For those Engineer players, this is when you really start to focus on making your base a Castle. You may have noticed during the game so far, that each fortification you build after 5 separate fortifications-the price goes up on the initial cost. So it may be cheaper by this point to try and get as much stuff to level 3 as possible. Also this is when getting your turrets up and rolling is much more helpful.

Late Game/ End:

Okay you made it to Wave 40. Good on you, as a reward the game will now be even harder to finish. :slight_smile:

So by this point you may have realized a few things. At the start of every new round past 10, there is a Mini Boss at every 5th wave. So wave 15, 25, 35, 45. There are currently 3 Different Mini Bosses that can spawn in at this point and they can sometimes spawn 5 or 6 of them during that wave. Below is the easy way to take them out:

Warden- Use a Tri Shot on these guys. Once they have it where you can hit them in the head, light up there face. They go down quick to this gun.

Stump- Stumps are really weak to Explosive damage weapons. So Boomshot or RL-4 them to pieces.

Sentinal- These guys are Hard. Best against them is the Cryo Cannon. Only hard part is getting close enough to use it on them.

Now to sum this up. All actual main bosses are pretty easy. Only the Matriarch, is the boss that you literally want to run away from. Also a good Idea to try and face him away from your base (if Possible) as they will destroy everything you own.

So hopefully this kinda answer some basic stuff. I am planning to do a Character by Character breakdown for more advanced team stuff. If any questions on this Topic, just post it. Good Luck Gears!


Is the laser barrier worth it? It takes forever to repair and always needs repairing.

I’m not as experienced as him but i don’t think they’re worth it. Lvl 3 and 2 barriers (or even 1) do the trick fine enough.

Hey there.

The Laser’s are ok but can cause you to get overrun if you have teammates near them. Since they will cut off. If you want to go with lasers , be sure to have another barrier (Level 1 or 2) right there also. To prevent this. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on starting to build the base from wave 1 or wait until after the first boss wave and start building near the first power tap?

Lasers get damaged very easily but that’s because the enemy can’t walk through them like lvls 1-2. Lvl 1-2 fences they take dmg but enemies can walk through them. Laser they have to destroy it to get by. Red lasers light them on fire. Best to plant them in places you don’t want the enemy to get past and where someone with a tri shot or a few sentrys are watching. You don’t want the fences to kill the enemy or else you’ll be repairing them all day.

Not as experienced as the OP but I wait until the tap shows itself before I setup shop. I’ll build a forge if we have Jack or a weapons locker but I won’t plant any fences or turrets until we know where we will be setting up.

Also a trick I learned. When you pick up a fortification and you try to plant it somewhere. If the fort is blue then it can be planted there but if it’s red it won’t be planted. However you can still put it where it’s red it just can’t be used by you or your team. Why is this important? Because if it’s not planted properly it’s not on the map therefore the enemy can’t damage it. If a matriarch is charging into our base I pick up the lvl 4 sentrys and put them in a red spot so she doesn’t destroy them. The real reason I use this trick is when I’m playing as Jack and I’m using the forge. I’ll pick up the forge and carry it to where several swarm units died. I put the forge somewhere blue nearby and carry the guns to it. Very short distance. Then when the wave begins I’ll real quick pick up the forge and put it somewhere red. It’s still out where the enemy tends to die but they can’t target it so it won’t be destroyed. After the next wave i’ll rinse repeat the process. Smelting guns without traveling back to base and the forge doesn’t get destroyed.


My experince as well! More and more engineers in 5 seems to be waiting to build until after the first boss, though not all. Some still just keep on building like the good old gears days not giving a damn about where the taps appears.
I´ve actually had players leave because the engineer does not start to build right away. I`ve also had players leave when engineer is buildning where he wants and not taking notice of the taps.

This one about the forge I had not actually thought about, but I will give it a shot sometime. Thing is I rarely play as Jack.

Another trick I saw someone doing. A JD requested a lvl 4 weapons locker early so I obliged. He planted his lancer gl on it then went out to get himself killed. When he respawned he repeated the process until he had 3 lancer gls on the locker and one in his hands. When he ran out of grenades he put the GL on the locker and then grabbed another one. Lets just say when wardens or bastions showed up I was glad he was near that locker lol


Hey evil I think that was me actually. I do that trick alot😎

It could have been lol
Surprisingly I tend to run into people from the forums in game. Was it on the bunker map and we setup shop in one of the middle buildings? I put a locker upstairs and it was pretty much a crows nest. Only instead of sniper rifle it was mortars lol

You may want to change “Patriarch” to “Matriarch” before somebody asks for your head on a plate. :grinning:

Whoops lol thanks

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Once again I’m glad you Posted I didn’t know you had all this stuff up. Wow. Great stuff.

Hey man,

Sure thing. These have been up for awhile so if any questions on these let me know :slight_smile:

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