Beginner Horde with Master Modifiers?

I haven’t counted tbh, just remember it’s an issue since the Series X patch. Do they still have to acknowledge that it’s an issue? What makes the issue even worse is that for some hives like Last Stand the saferoom loading sometimes barely takes any time and loading the third Descent act also is a lot shorter(but still longer than what used to be usual iirc).

I feel like if TC should have learned anything from these exploits, it’s that excessive grinds just lead people to ways around them all the time, so they should focus on fixing the absurd grinds instead of removing the ways people use to make them reasonable. Or less bad. But instead they keep fixing them.

It isn’t, but by posting about this on the forums you’ve effectively made it 99% certain that this is going to get patched out anyway, just like the DFB ribbon method that could make the Reups grind actually not completely ridiculous… posted here by the first or second person to reach 50 after they’ve used it at their own leisure to get there then getting it patched so nobody else would get there as quickly and out of “justice towards the developer”, because they totally needed defending by designing such an absurd system that’s been complained about since I don’t know when anymore, and only next week are we even getting NEWS on what the details of the reworked Reup system, that probably is going to be changed in the same way Allies were, are.

So if you’re wondering why people are often opposed to exploits, or grind methods that sometimes are not even exploits, being mentioned or otherwise called out - the above is why, putting aside that they often are kept within private lobbies and don’t spread very far so don’t really affect anyone not looking to participate in them a lot. TC jumps on them like sharks on fish bait even when they often only serve to help players get around the excessive grind in Gears 5.


I will host my games, I’m not ruining people experiences, did you magically forget when people made threads literally screaming at TC about bleed and freeze barriers demanding it to be removed. I have only seen this for the first time today, I then a few hours later I saw three more lobbies with the same exact titles. This is going to get noticed, at some point whether you like it or not. If people are going to do glitches do it in a Private custom horde game. Don’t do it in an open custom game and then get mad when people start asking about it on the forums.

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Can you not talk about this in these forums, you’ll become hated. I already hate you dude.


Sera at least responded to it.Now that TC has published Classic Horde

I also don’t know if they gave up on the trello or just forgot about it, but Lizzies stim card is listed as “investigating” when it’s been fixed from what I remember, yet the decon room issue that effects an entire game mode, nothing.

Kinda curious if the new Ironman broke something and the Hive is saving progress during that time-period. Would be weird, but at least we would have an explanation then. Wouldn’t explain the difference in time for each hive though.

That’s another thing. You can’t even talk about positive about cards/classes or anything because you always have that fear lingering that TC could take it away from us. Probably why there’s so many threads complaining about something.

I didn’t, same solution. Host your own game, kick people that attempt ■■■■■■■■ in YOUR lobby.

Yes, right now. Thanks to you. Almost half a year after it was discovered.

I mean that pfp alone makes it very easy to dislike OP. I’ll never stop being mad about Apex Legends pissing all over the Titanfall-franchise and ruining any chance of getting another shooter where you can slingshot yourself across the entire map.

Casuals ■■■■■■■ ruin everything.


Tbh, I don’t think that would be the case as I remember even non-Ironman runs taking longer to load after the Series X patch, and correct me if I’m wrong, but this was occurring well before the change to Ironman? But who knows.

2-3 weeks before OP5 launched. Think it was the same patch that introduced CharLv20 and that probably wasn’t the only “future content” in that update. Might have been prep-work for OP5.

There’s no need to get personal here, just because I like Apex Legends my opinions are wrong? I’ve played Titanfall 2 a lot since launch and I still play it now. 4 years later its still the best FPS of last decade.

And yes I will stick to my own lobbies and kick people who I feel aren’t playing fairly

I’m more worried that TC needs to fix this first performance issues on PC and crashes rather than that pve glitch

The thing about bugs and glitches is that you must first consider: is it good or bad? Since the game has so many bad ones, I’ll say that TC needs to focus all of its resources towards fixing those instead of the few that can be considered good and don’t hurt anybody.

I can understand if you believe that is wrong or immoral but since this is PvE and there is no rank involved, why bother? PvP is another animal and no unfair advantage must be tolerated.

If you really want to find out and report it to TC, then take the time to investigate and replicate it, just asking for the answer sounds like “please explain how to obtain this unfair advantage so I can report it asap so no one gets to benefit from it”, again PvE, who cares?

Several months ago I remember when someone posted the world’s first Re-up 50 with bells and whistles. Shortly after he painstakingly described the method he used and guess what happened, TC “fixed” it a few days later. Had it been such a terrible crime TC would’ve reverted his account but they actually congratulated him on a dev stream. Long story short: if it bothers you so much don’t use it and stick to custom lobbies.

I hardly play Horde anyway, just saying my piece.



Jokes aside, yes this is a serious problem.

Now everyone gets the heroic weapon skins!!! Woohoo!


Eh? Its still broken?

You were the one that convinced me that the issue was fixed…and I trusted you. I had a hunch there was something wrong still lol.

Oh yeah, I just picked a hive where it takes slightly less time until it works again and by now I’m just so used to phasing out for a minute I didn’t pay that much attention. It’s 100% still broken.

And just like that, the entirety of the forums hates the op.


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Wow dont be toxic.


Fight me noob

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Pay per view?

if people half as much time actually improving as they do cheating/exploiting they would have no problems with Master Horde.

Horde is an absolute breeze even on Master assuming you have at least 2 good players so the exploit is pretty pointless as far as I’m concerned, same reason developer god-mode wouldn’t interest me… too boring.


I believe its less time consuming to do this than master runs.

well duh, hate giving people facts but if they were worried about “time consumption” they shouldn’t play games in the first place. I’ve reached my apex so I don’t play as much as I used to but instead of boring myself to tears doing speedruns I can just go and play another game. People miss the point of games is what I’m basically saying.

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Well duh, i asume ppl do this because they want to, its not like there forced to play gears or any other game.

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