Beginner Horde with Master Modifiers?

Earlier today I was in a master Horde game. However when I loaded in the game the difficulty was set to Beginner but the modifiers were set to Master. I leveled my Architect from level 10-13. So theres definitely an exploit here people are abusing.

I tried asking the Host to explain themselves but they basically said its a glitch and was not explaining how its done. Does anyone know how this works? I’m curious to see what you have to do?

Also if this is a thing it needs to be addressed by TC. I don’t mind people speeding running maps and using legitimate strategies but using a game breaking glitch that makes the game completely easy needs to be removed.

I have a video showing some gameplay but I’m not going to upload it because I’ll be exposing gamer tags which is against the rules.

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Move along.


Why what’s the big secret?

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The game is full of things like this. Not everybody knows about them. There is actually a YouTube vid about this.

You don’t have to play it and yes I do realise it’s game breaking but this game is broken.

Let people have fun instead of alerting TC on the forums. That’s all.


I do think its the right thing to do because if more people start to do it others will get upset. It will be just like when people abused bleed and freeze barriers. Causing a lot of arguments within the community.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t have fun. If people want to do that then go ahead but personally it’s not really fun when you’re doing something that’s game breaking.

I’ll check the YouTube video on it.

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So you want to know what to do and how it’s replicated but you also state TC needs to fix it?

Which is it? Do you want to know how to do it so you can replicate it or do you want TC to fix it? Cause you sound like a hypocrite.


I agree but the game is full of bugs that effect our game play every day. We as a community have been asking for fixes since day one and nothing has been done.

Every time a glitch like this comes along it gets patched right away. Why? It effects TC but when it effects us, they don’t care.

So I say power to the people that use these glitches and keep them a secret.


I don’t want to replicate it, I just wanted to know how it was done. But at the same time it didn’t feel right being in that game.

Fine keep your secrets.

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I’ve never done it mate. It takes more than a couple people to load in at different difficulties. I can’t be bothered to be honest with you. Sounds like too much work for my liking.

So exposing it is your way of keeping people from doing it? :thinking::thinking:


Versus people abuse exploits all of the time and no one bats an eye. But when the people who are doing stuff that doesn’t bother gameplay, people go crazy. If you are going to bash people who use PvE glitches and not at least acknowledge that People use glitches in PvP, then you have some serious problems. These glitches require people to do work, we aren’t taking an “Easy way” to get heroic weapons.

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Yeah came across this one and another to be mentioned when word gets out lol. I stuck around for a bit to see what the what was and left the game shortly after.

Easy way to avoid things like this I find is to host your own games. If you are against it being used then leave the match you joined immediately.

Use it or dont use it and that’s pretty much the end if it.


Yes I’m letting people know this is a thing. But it’s your decision whether or not to do it. You are free to do whatever you want to level up your re up level and characters. There are people who want to do things without glitches and theres people who want to do things faster with glitches. I just think its the right to let TC know this is what people are doing to level up.

I mainly play Quick play vs AI I’m not a fan of PvP

So you want people to tell you how to do a glitch, but you aren’t going to use it yourself, but you think TC needs to know about it, and so bu telling you how it was done you can tell TC ti help them patch it? Do you honestly expect anyone to tell you how to do it?

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I didn’t know what was going on in that game. I genuinely thought someone was hacking the game. I thought my account was going to get banned. I’ve never seen this before so I wanted someone to explain what it was. I honestly don’t care whether or not someone tells me how to do it. I’ve already Mastered all maps and have a majority of my characters to 20. Once I have finished my Tour, I will stop playing Gears. I don’t touch Gears until the next Operation.

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No one likes a snitch, especially if they aren’t doing anything wrong


And here it is


Make up your mind. If you would have been that concerned you would have immediately left the game and reported the host / everyone in that game for hacking.
Yet here you are, asking how it can be replicated after taking advantage of it yourself.


The host puts an unusual title for their game, I joined out of curiosity at wave 5 I asked what it was about, they didn’t say anything about it. The host told me to me stay till the end to find out, so I did and I left after the game ended. I didn’t message them after or anything I just played another game.

I’m asking because I genuinely had no clue about it. I don’t want to be involved with it in the future and I want to avoid it from happening in my games.

Why is it wrong to ask how something works and then deciding to not do it?

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Least nobody hasn’t complained about at least one other exploit in the game yet, not that I was going to mention what it is, even though I know how it works. I don’t use it in normal matches anyway, but for certain purposes it’s definitely useful to players… so I’ve no doubt if it becomes popular(if it shouldn’t already be), TC will patch it very quickly.

Now that you made sure it’s gonna get fixed, how convenient. And if you don’t want it to happen you could just stick to your own lobbies.

Exactly. Not yet. The thing with the lobby has been around for 5-6? months by now. But like I told others. There’s always that one a-hole that has to ruin it for everyone. This glitch in particular hurt no one, besides TC expectations that we have to grind 24/7.

Also; TC is gonna waste resources fixing this issue now while the decon-rooms remain broken for what, almost 3 months now?