Begginer difficulity

Is it me or is beginner difficulty harder than it should be? I have spent at least 5 hours trying to kill the big dude in the ice cave trying to kill him when he is in the ice. You just can’t move fast enough to get behind him and shoot him. I know you have to get him in the red fog but I can’t get behind him to kill him fast enough. I’m 72 years old and can’t get it done.

It’s really hard. I switched the game down to beginner difficulty for that part and it still took me probably 10 attempts before I beat her.
Run to back left corner and grab ice cannon off wall. That will help you freeze her when she charges and you won’t have to worry about making holes in the ice for her to fall in.
Another tip is to grenade tag her red spot when she’s frozen. I don’t remember if there are frags available in the room for you to take.
The most difficult part is when she puts you in a daze. I don’t have much advice for this part except to try to be in opposite end of the room before she does this.

As mentioned, the Cryo Canon is the way to go. You should be able to carry a full one into the battle, but if you don’t already have it, just run back and duck into the area in the cave where there are two on the walls.

Here’s the way to do it really easy. When it first falls into the water, run to get the canon, then run to an ice spot. Pick a spot where you have at least 30 feet of ice in front of you. When it comes at you, freeze it so it’s standing over ice.

Once it’s frozen from the canon, immediately drop the canon by equipping grenade, and run to it’s backside. Attach (F on KB) the grenade to it’s back, then run back to pick up the canon. You will have plenty of time because the grenade will blow a whole in the ice, freezing it once again.

There’s a cache of two frag grenades at the edge of the cave in one spot., so if you come into the battle with 4 grenades like you should, you’ll easily have enough. You can freeze her about 3 times with each canon, which should also be enough.

This method will also give you enough time to take cover when she goes into rage mode, but it’s best to keep a distance and wait it out. After she cools down, she will always walk toward you, so just pick a spot on the ice again.

The is the easiest method and usually goes very fast.

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It was easy, all u need to do is stand in front of him, shoot him to get its attention, when it runs at u shoot the ice so it falls in, run behind and shoot it in the back, repeat until its dead, simples

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What I did was just shoot all the ice out everywhere I could that way when it ran at me it would automatically fall in the ice. It’s not that hard imo

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Man this fight was a load of fun in the Insane run…

The fun part on Insane for me under the ice was killing all the Sires with the pipe.

he stated that he’s 72 years old… it could be that he doesnt have the hand-dexterity at tune .


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LOL JAJAJAJAJAA Nice to greet you once again man :smile:

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I am not the oldest active Gears player, haha, whoo hoo! good on you… :slight_smile:

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How old are you man ? I mean if it’s possible to know :smile:

lol, less than 72… more than half of 72 :slight_smile:

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LOL :smile: I’m 36 man… Trying to compete with Ninja on Mixer to become a gaming celeb LOL jajajajaja :smile:

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Well I’m 61 and still gettin it done. Don’t play MP anymore though.