Been using medic lately, not a bad class damage wise

I use the resistance card over 50%, the ballistic card, revive on kill, stim and lancer damage and playing on Incon
Being able to be accurate is important in order to get the stim and it definitely helps to keep your team alive, helped on master too although i don’t play master too often

I know some people spam ultimate fabrication healing but I prefer to save the ultimate in case of emergency, if i cant get a kill near them or a team member isn’t near then i use it, but i do use it tactically,I use the lancer and the GL since those are quite accurate and rocket damage helps with bosses

I use the trishot as well to help with keeping team stimmed, with the resistance cards and stim i can tank certain enemies and its fun to be able to do so and not die, the pilot comes close to tanking enemies too with its stim

I don’t know if the passive 30% damage was there before but i didn’t really use this class until recently

Its rare but ive tanked certain bigger enemies with headshots using the shotguns as it also gives stim. But yeah cm is a great class

It appeared in, I want to say, OP 6. Might be wrong.

I think that’s when it started and they added the intervention card IIRC.

Passive was added in op6 drop 2 when intervention size was buffed and could finnaly revive more then 1 person

My first Level 20 class. :heart:

Same here, deeply enjoyed that class. Need to give it a go again.

If only Get Up and Overdoing It applied to actual player revives, as in you pick your teammates up and they receive those card effects, or maybe even have those cards synergize with Intervention. It’d totally make Combat Medic more appealing to have around in teams, focusing on a pure Medic build as it were.

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You’re not even using the Team Repair card, so even if you wanted to you can’t repair fortifications.

As mostly an Engineer, it really irks me when Combat Medics don’t use the Team Repair card because it’s so useful.

Another one who doesn’t seem to understand that Combat Medic is a support class and not a DPS class. Most of your damage is coming from critical hits not GL rockets!

You can’t get a headshot hit with a Lancer? Really?


Medic only needs a +30% extra critical damage passive to stay relevant on later waves with 2,0 venom modifier and above. Being support doesn’t mean that it must suck on deal damage, in first place this is a damn shooter, not a wanna be building simulator,it mustn’t think on how to repair stuffs, I never used that cards to repair using Medic, is boring as hell.
PD. Using Retro and the GL both bullets and Misiles is awesome.

You need high dps in order to finish kills. If not someone will steal your kill and you won’t revive your teamate

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