Been more than 24hrs yet

Still no update on the hives being missing and no rewards for the 2 hives, is this how much u guys care about ur PVE population.
This recent hives no1 position was very close and im sure the group that got it are not happy either

I would of thought that this issue would of been resolved by now…
Again ill tag @mjrdecision to see what happens.

I understand the situation regards covid but some communication would help

I wouldnt be shocked if everyone at TC was getting the axe. Feels like TC are just doing the bare minimum at this point.

I would not be surprised if they somehow missed this happened. When Dana himself is sometimes/often unaware of bug/glitches/problems within the game(chainsaw/Lancer GL/Retro alternate use reloading bug anyone?) or that TCs team was working on something, I honestly do not think/expect they’d notice this when it has not been acknowledged anywhere.

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Just tweeted Dana, but I don’t know if he answer this questions.

Sometimes, if he’s not too busy not responding to anything or giving answers to things not relevant to Gears itself, or issues it has(which is in and on itself fine but it would really be nice if the silence wasn’t almost constant towards what feels like 99% of those who try to get any sort of useful answer out of TC).


What was left is either wait until they will notice leaderboard bugs, or Dana will read this tweet and this will trigger some way we get our rewards.

They have given up bro…

Agreed. Businesses are getting back to work as usual. Using covid 19 is just another lazy excuse in their history of lazy excuses. I put more blame towards Microsoft though.