Been getting a lot of 96%, 97% and 98% shots in Gears 5

Before I start, I just want to make one thing clear - I love the Gears 5 Gnasher, I really do, one milion times better than Gears 4’s, but…

…as I said in the title, I think there’s still some work to do - I’m getting ridilucous situations, where I point blank someone, land all the pellets on my target and the enemy still somehow bodies me with 2-3% of his health left, example (not a point blank, but still):

The gib range is pretty small compared to Gears 4.


Pretty sure I gibbed people from longer ranges than that. I guess they were hurt or sth?

Yeah here is the curve that TC posted. The game has been laggy so could be part of the problem.

Thats shotgun damage curve comparison. You can see range drops off pretty quick compared to Gears 4 core tuning.

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It’s the new 83% and I get those a lot without lag and they will always have an excuse.