Been encountering cheaters more and more often

I play on PC.

Been playing a lot of TDM lately and I’m encountering cheaters more often. I’m not just saying this because I’m losing to them. This one cheater in particular practically admitted it in chat. I reported him, and a couple days later I see him again in my game (on my team) on rustlung. Rustlung doesn’t have any weapons that can really take advantage of headshotting (sniper, torque, markza, etc.) so he just rushed out and purposely died over and over, even saying in chat that he didn’t want to play this map for that very reason.

The cheaters are almost always on PC, which makes xbox players turn off crossplay so they don’t encounter them. As a result, the PC players have a hard time finding games. I can’t play any gamemode except tdm, koth, and gnashers by myself, as a pc player, because I won’t get into games. I literally only play when my xbox friend is on.

I have to question more and more often if a player is cheating because I know it’s possible and occurs more than it should. I’m surprised that issues like this still haven’t been fixed. I lost 20% in TDM d4 after losing 0-2 because the cheater purposely griefed so he can play another map that has those weapons that he can use and take advantage of his aimbot. I shouldn’t be losing progress because of issues that shouldn’t be present and I have no control over.

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TC have said that the only thing you can do is to report them.

I hope Gears 5 actually has a anti-cheat built in from day 1 to stop these kind of exploits and ruining it for the rest of us as I will be playing Gears 5 exclusively on PC.


Please make this number 1 priority, a system needs to be in place.

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Have to get a clip for them to investigate. Just record what you can and then post it to youtube and send them the link via twitter DM.

They will respond and let you know they are looking at it.

There is no Jtag on the Xbone and as such there are no cheaters on consoles (excluding modded controllers, rapid fire only).

First game I hopped into today, guardian with my xbox friend. My game crashes immediately and I can’t join back (everytime i try it’ll disconnect me from xbox live and back to main menu). My friend is playing in this game and turns out there are people in it cheating and admitting it in chat, and someone on the other team even said that he’s NOT playing with those guys that are cheating.

Banning alone is never enough to stop cheating when it’s easy to endlessly create new profiles. Strong anti-cheat and system-wide permabanning is required. If a player gets banned in Gears 4 for example, it should ban the Windows licence associated with it at the time of the ban from playing online again with a different profile.


The ol’ Steam VAC ban method would be great (assuming UWP is up to the task and doesn’t result in a ton of false positives)

If you cheat in gears or any xblive game online then the ban Hammer is swift and all inclusive. The account can no longer play on any server with (insert proprietary cheat detection) running on it. Which means unless the game has 3rd party hosted servers or player hosted servers… They can’t play anything with that account online.

Games are non-transferable at that point. The user needs to create a new xblive account and re-purchase games that fall under this anti-cheat system in order to play online again.

No mercy.

A rocket boosted kick in the nuts to all those who try it.

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Apparently Windows also knows the hardware serial numbers and can indentify a computer this way.

Banning the Windows Liecence and also the hardware would be similar to a Xbox getting banned.

This would seriously stop cheaters if you had to keep swapping your motherboard and getting a new copy of Windows.


Interesting… I just Googled jtag xbox one. And what came up? Quite a few YouTube videos below a domain name called xboxjtag. I don’t want to hyperlink the website here since it’s pretty much illegal to jtag to pirate games and apps.


The one thing is I don’t think it should include your windows license itself. (like if you cheat it shouldn’t brick your copy of windows)

The other issue is buying used hardware that has been banned. Like a processor or mobo off ebay that you don’t know has been added to blacklist.

But yes, it should effectively kill your Xbox account activities.

The hard part is multi users on the same PC. Folks that are using the same PC but different Xbox accounts. Part of me says oh well… Part of me says the household shouldn’t pay for the cheaters abuse.

I disagree here.

It should be a hardline ban on hardware and the Windows License.

If you want to cheat and hack which ruins everyone’s experience then it needs to be a severe and harsh punishment to stop people from doing it.

It’s up to the seller on eBay to state if hardware is banned and if not then the buyer would pursue the channels to reclaim the money. Generally you can tell which seller is worth buying from based on their feedback.

As regards to multi-users then tough if it’s banned if one person is cheating, they can then deal with it themselves.

I have zero tolerance for cheaters and hackers as it’s because of that a lot of Xbox players won’t play on Crossplay which in turn effects me severely when it comes to actually finding games online.

They could ban by network connection, Since MSFT knows the ISPs’ IP address and a person’s router, modem or hot spot info. This would make cheaters have to buy a new or used device to register every time they get banned.

You can get a new IP address by unplugging the modem for an hour. It’d have to be id specific.

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Well i’m no network engineer, but I thought ISPs have their IP address too.

The ISP just assigns you an IP address. Microsoft/Xbox can’t ban the ISP itself because it would affect all that connect to the internet through that ISP. (Cox, Qwest, Charter, etc)

They can ban your IP… But that IP can be recycled pretty easily just by shutting off modem for a bit. If someone has a dedicated IP they can just release it and renew another.

For a ban to be effective it needs to happen against the actual hardware or software serial/Mac address. Like if an Xbox itself is banned from Xbox live.

Steam, for example, had VAC banning that meant if you cheated in one game then the entire steam account (including all software and games on that account) were banned from connecting to any VAC secured servers (so all official servers essentially).

You had to create a whole new steam account and re purchase software to play again

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Like I said I’m not a network engineer. I knew about the MAC and serial numbers though. And Netflix does that VPN stream blocking, MSFT could use that kinda software for games.

It’s not just you. They’re rampant at the moment. It’s around 3-5 people that keep making new gamertags. Potentially more but especially 3-5.


wasn’t me lol

I honestly believe gears 5 will be the same is gears 4 when it comes to these cheaters and the only way to ban them is with 20 second videos capturing them.
I just dont see TC doing anything about it.
Time will tell

I hope and pray that there’s an anti-cheat system built into Gears 5.

Please make sure this is a priority for Gears 5 @anon86589457 @TC_Octus