Because ffa feels so different from the other ranked lists

the game feels very different and it’s even easier to kill,Whatever the reason for this seems like a very bad decision on the part of you

Free for All is every man for themselves if it’s easy that’s great for you man. You should have no problem getting to Master then right?

I mean that anyone kills and played a lot and just as you kill easy, they also kill you, so the ability is not seen much in that mode or well I perceive it that way.
It’s like they come running and they kill you very easy, so I feel like winning more by chance than anything else, sometimes I have games that I kill very easily and win or stay in the top three positions, and there are others in which I only do 15 , while for example in King of the Hill I always make very consistent games, remaining in the top positions

I’ve yet to successfully get a match in FFA. I’d prefer it to KotH due to mostly playing Solo, but so far my 20 minute searches have been in vain.

I find that really good slayers tend to be consistent. I’ll play several matches in a row of FFA and see the same guy dominating match after match. Higher level FFA players tend to be really consistent. They hit their shots , outplay people all match, get a lot of multi kills and are hard to kill 1v1. I’m not one of those unfortunately because I’m not great at FFA. I’ve had some good individual matches and won at least 10 FFA’s on Quickplay but only 1 ranked. It also helps to have a little good luck in FFA. I’ve certainly had matches where everything that can go wrong, does.

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Well, I mean that the game does not feel the same as the other classified lists, it is as if they were different games, I feel the character very hard, apart from the fact that I feel like when an enemy character appears if I give the analogue soft visual my character finishes turning towards the enemy, so maybe they feel that some players do not miss shots, the game as such in this list I feel that it has a greater aim assist.
is more I think it is a good reason why you do not do so well in ffa, I have realized that in King of the Hill usually the players miss the shots more and if you know how to move a little you will lose your rivals, while that in free for all the shots do not fail as much as in the other lists, generally one tends to miss some shots but in free for all someone comes running and kills you with one shot or makes you at least 70 or 80, and I would dare to say that it is for that reason that you feel that they give all their shots, play king of the hill and then everyone against everyone and you will see that it feels very different