Beating the campaign

So the other day I finally completed the story of gears 5

When after the credits were done rolling it shot me back to the main menu…but the achievement didn’t pop up

I went and checked, it says I only have 83% done…do I need to reply act 4 and have both endings completed or am I missing something?

It’s a fairly common problem and apparently it’s caused by some issues with the cloud save system.

Go to the act/chapter selection page and look at each act/chapter. It should tell you which are complete and which are not.

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And by that he means “which ones the game decided to count as complete”.

TC have always had bugged achievements. I beat gears 4 on inconceivable about 3 times and never got the achievement

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I did and I have every act done on experienced thus leading me to think I gotta kill them both to get both endings or something along the lines of that

It’s just ■■■■■■. Mine’s like that too. TC said it’s low priority in their to-do list.