Beat downs in 2v2gnashers

yup it’s the new thing to do now in that game mode once the snub appears as if it wasn’t annoying enough in regular matches

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We had a stalemate due to my friend doing this and it was funny. LOL

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I find the beat downs funny because it triggers people so much :joy:

I like to do it right at the start of the match because it’s funny to see someone then spend the whole match focusing on Lancering you down to do it back :sweat_smile:


Lol us too. So we learned to do a Super Mario Jump FG kick.


We were playing yesterday and were destroying the enemy team. All of a sudden one player quits. And then another player quits. Next thing we know an enemy downed my teammate, beat her down and messaged her that she’s garbage.

Needless to say, our whole team went on a beat down frenzy while the capture points ticked down. Got a down? Beat down. Lol. It triggered them so much. Normally would never do this 5v3 but they asked for it. :joy:


I was playing Brothers To The End yesterday, and the player I got paired with was terrible, and our two opponents where really good. Which of course meant that they beat us down constantly. Then I play another round, and this time the teams were switched around, and the player who was previously on my team was paired with one of the players from the previous game, and I was paired with a new (and much better) player.
Needless to say, I spent the entire game beating down the one player I previously played against. We ended up wining and I got MVP.


just played a 2v2gnasher and quit when the other guy has ping in the 900ms and was killing me when i’m no where near him or behind the wall

this game is trash

And yet I still love it. It’s an odd paradox actually…


The beat down finisher should go jump off of a cliff and never reappear again in Gears


I understand that. We got paired against a 165 and 135ms player when we were around 30ms. It was unplayable. Two of us shooting one guy with a Gnasher for 0 damage. He was a D4 in 2v2 for no reason other than his Brazil lag. No special movement. Stood still and sponged. It was an embarrassing show of the obvious issues with high ping advantage. Next match everyone was pinging above 100ms again and it was unplayable too.

High ping advantage is basically being cheated. I have no idea why two Brazil players were allowed on US servers but as far as I’m concerned they cheated. If 10 shots do 0 damage then that’s all it can be. It’s not like my buddy and I are bad players - he’s a D4 and I’m a D3 in kotH. We know ■■■■■■■■ when we see it.

TC said there’s no lag comp, no sponging and 250ms is perfectly fine for online.

So you must be making it up :+1:



I would rather come here and complain about fake news than play the game. :grin:


I dont think it happens as much on gow4 as it did in gow3, You cant beat a good old fashion beat down, in gow3 it happened in just about every game with the last guy getting gangbanged. And as said this triggers folk so much so they take the time to send you a nice love note in your inbox

Snub pistol… Ffs, so much for gnasher practice. Wasn’t that the whole reason for boxes in the 1st place

Come to think of it, why is 2v2 a comp playlist? Almost everybody sponges everything already, without the weakened Gnasher…

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i abuse the pistol

once you grab it they just rush in and i down them lol

The thing is though it gow 3 i never got so triggered. Not to mention in gow 3 the locust Y execution so so damn awesome, really portrayed them as “Savage” cruel monsters, which was amazing. Not the new swarm execution is not as brutal but stupid dull and boring. At least in my opinion.