Beast mode? Swarm need love too

I feel like they should add a mode similar to beast mode on gears 3.all the cog heros have classes and cards why not the swarm?maybe even make it a versus mode would be awesome to be a matriarch,snatcher or even a juvie.


People already brought this up plenty of times. TC said it’s something they’d like to do but it isn’t on the spectrum of things happening right now.


It’s something that we all want, but personally I don’t want any new modes until the basic base modes are actually fixed and operating smoothly.

There is still work to be done.



yes! lot of people want overrun mode or Beast mode for OP4 or OP5 .

the game balance is good but they should stop nerf caracters or gnasher for nothing . ( STOP planned obsolescence ) . and bring back the power of gnasher .

Imagine the scions being like “Ah yes, this again. I’m going to enjoy this…” When you sometimes pick them or the matriarch remembering its screams and the carnage they created back in 3.

I really do hope beast mode comes back because that made the triad of PVE solid( sorry escape, but you were bested!)

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It ain’t coming back. At least not in Gears 5. Hope that it comes back in some form in later releases.

Ten bucks and a picture of marcus eating chicken to whoever is proven right about beast mode being added to gears 5 in the span of ten years as of this day. If Gears 6 comes out you automatically win the bet and if beast mode is proven to not be added due to limitations of the game,but would have if there was space for it, then I would win should it be announced or discovered before gears 6 is fully released.

Do you agree to these terms of the bet or are you going to accept the title of being chicken for life by refusing to accept the bet???