Beast Mode Returned?

With the return of blitz mode from gears of war ultimate edition it got me thinking,why cant beast mode make a return? A friend of mine and i were disscussing today about how much fun Beast Mode was in Gears of war 3 and for the most part it was a popular game mode amoung horde players,I make this forum post in hopes that it reaches other people who feel the same about Beast mode and would like it to return in gears of war 4.If you want to see Beast Mode return Bump this post up,Make the coaltion see this and give us a response! #MakeHordeFunAgain

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Highly doubt it will ever return, but it would be nice

Beast mode was ok, but in my opinion the only thing People Can Fly studios got right about GOW Judgment was Overrun. Very fun, competitive game mode. It would be awesome to take control of a Guardian or Carrier and attack other players.

aye that is true man but even if it dosnt return in gears of war 4 it would be nice to see it in the next installment of the franchise.


I would love if Overrun returned over Beast Mode. Because it felt much better to play with having as many people playing compared to reverse horse.

Yeah the overrun in judgement was a unique and fun game mode but from my personal expierence with the game modes ive always preffered beast mode,now in saying that it would be nice to see either one of em return and it would bring something fresh to gears of war 4 .

Thing is, Blitz was probably pre planned in their development roadmap, its far too late to add beast mode especially since the game is 1.6 years old already, its not something worth investing this late into the game life cycle since its going to take alot of time and resources.

Hmmm that is true,however if it cannot be brought back into gears of war 4 maybe they might take into account how many people would like to see it in the next installment of the franchise.I could see overrun being brought back as both gears of war judgment and gears of war 4 were made on the same version of the unity engine if im not mistaken?

Prefer Beast Mode 2.0 in Gears of War 5, than Overrun 2.0.


Same, would be a lot of fun to play as the new Swarm creatures.

I’m pretty sure during the stream they said no beast mode for Gears 5 as it’s too difficult/a lot of work …

I don’t believe or understand how it could be a lot of work.
At the moment, they might have a year or year and half to develop, wouldn’t you think that’s long enough?
Even Epic did it after 3 years, and it’ll be 3 years from Gears 4 to 5…
Did they ever say why?

They said because they would have to reprogram the AI for Beast and it would take too long / be too difficult at the moment.

I’m not a programmer or anything so maybe I’m just simplying it all, but the AI for Beast Mode would just be the human characters (the “beasts” are all human controlled anyway). Surely you could just base it on existing AI parameters from the VS AI mode, but maybe add a few lines which reduce the free roaming of the bots?

Either way Epic did it for GOW3, so it’s not like it’s not been done before.

I have no idea it’s what they said.

Programming the AI for beast would be too difficult or not enough in the team to do it at the moment as they are working on 3 projects.

In other words, they are lazy and plan on cutting more corners like they did with DLC maps like Reclaimed Windflare, Harbor Haze, Impact Dark, Forge Blitz, and Lift Apex. Hope they plan on giving us half @$$ prices if they’re going to put half @$$ effort into making the game.

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If that is true, then that is very poor. I have no doubt they said it but hopefully it is just to keep it QT ?
Gears 3 had loads of content, would like to hope TC’s third ( albeit a remake) game for us would be the same.
So lack of resources, may I make so bold as to suggest they be it TC/MS use some of the hundreds of thousands of pounds they have got from us in Gear packs and esports and employ some more programmers!
Looking at Gears 4 and what we think we know of 5 then;
No 4 player campaign…Epic managed it
No Locust/lack of variety in Horde, only 4 unique bosses…Epic managed it
No game announcers (Hoffman/Queen for example) to add atmosphere…Epic managed it
No Beast mode (possibly)…Epic managed it
No map selection for Horde…Epic managed it

I was hoping and praying and I’m crossing everything in the hope that we get a complete and full experience in Gears 5


Also in for Beast 2.0 in Gears 5. Almost didn’t buy Gears 4 cause it didn’t have it.

@III EnVii III which stream? If Beast isn’t back, I nor my brothers will be either.

I highly doubt they said Gears 5… maybe 4. But definitely not 5 since they cant confirm or deny anything pertaining that game.

Im sure they can make beast mode within 3 years of development.


Okay, I went and looked up the stream in question and they did NOT say any of that about Beast Mode. One of the viewers asked if we would see Horde mode with Locusts as enemies in Gears 4 and they said no, because there is no locust AI (like Ticker AI, berserker AI, mauler AI, bloodmount AI etc.) in Gears 4 and they would have to “reprogram an entire army” and that would take too much time. Proof that they were referring to Gears 4 and not even Gears 5 is they said, “That is beyond the scope of our LIVE team, I’m afraid.” The Live Team is the team updating Gears 4 now.

Dang, I got all worked up and angry because I believed you until I checked for myself. Good to see you were confused.


Again, you are spreading more misinformation. Their team is almost triple the size that EPIC games was when developing Gears of War 3. Furthermore, they are only working on ONE project (Gears 5). Other teams are working on Gears Pop and Tactics.