Beast Mode & Overrun In Gears 5 would be awesome

(GearsCharacters) #1

Both game modes are fun and they allow you to play as the Locust. I mean I would love any mode that allows you to play as your Swarm & Locust Characters. Gears 5 should come with both play list.

Beast Mode

We need a game mode that we can play as all are Swarm & Locust Characters just like Horde In Gears 5
(Duffman GB) #2

They would indeed :+1:

(NUBinbound) #3

if they do a beast mode for gears 5 i really hope they add progression like getting 100 kills as the grenadier gives you more health as that “fighter”

(HamsterDab142) #4

Just overrun bro. That horde mode is boring. that just be an offline feature with campaign. WE NEED OVERRUN BACK !!AT LEAST A REMASTER OF THE 1ST

(GearsCharacters) #5

We need a game mode that we can play as all are Swarm or Locust Characters just like Horde In Gears 5

(illusoryMage) #6

Before I post and everyone says it, I realize this is basically like Warzone in Halo, but on a larger scale. It’s also a pipe dream that is likely impossible… The Gears servers can barely handle 10 players on a good day, 50 would probably cause them to explode.

Titanfall style bots plus normal pvp so noobs won’t rage quit, massive maps, normal two teams, objective based, but also attrition focus
Eventually team will run out of respawns. Basically a cross between tdm and overrun and SnD. A few control points to destroy, a few neutral areas to cohalntrol like hardpoint in cod that allow whoever controls it to respawn at that place.
50 players, drop in drop out,
horde 3.0 style skills,
COG Packhorse, rideable mechs, apc, mule motorcycles, RC Kestrel helicopters, king raven,
Swarm: playable Snatcher, pouncers, swarmak, Scions, infected DBs,

Also ai kills would just be random variations on what I already named, and wouldn’t count toward completion of the round, it would just be a points thing for noobs to feel better about themselves and not quit. We do need some new blood in this series not just the hardcore players that have been fans since 06.