Beast Mode in Gears 5?

Now that the game servers are stabilizing and most of the issues are remedied/ being fixed. I thought it would cool if we could get Beast Mode back into the series. Seeing how we have more Swarm type enemies to choose from now.


Yes TC, please.

But the campaign’s problems have not yet been solved because they haven’t yet updated any updates.

as long as they give people a lot of ammo on the ammo boxes I think it would be great, since right now on horde people are fighting each other to get the ammo boxes instead of fighting the dumb monsters. ( which by the way are no way original since they look like gears 4 modified monsters) LOL

If they paid attention to what fans loved, they wouldn’t have made changes in the first place

While I agree that it’d be great to have Beast back (my personal favourite mode), I still can’t see it happening.
The majority of Swarm are Multiplayer size & shape, variety is extremely lacking.
Sad, but one can dream.
I’d actually LOVE to see an entirely new game where you play Emergence Day from the Locust’s point of view… CRUSH THE HUMANS!!!
Neither dreams will ever come true =[