Beast mode can 100% work for gears 5

In gears 3 I spent so much time playing Beast and ever since then I’ve been wanting beast mode to be added in to a new gears game.When gears 5 came out and I played horde(Yes,I went straight to horde as soon as it loaded in)I played as jack since I thought he was interesting and when I used his hijack on multiple different I thought to myself that they have absolutely no excuse to not have beast mode in this game when they have all of the player mechanics for enemies established.And in campaign you can also hijack wardens and stumps so they literally have everything laid out except for the base setup on all of the maps but how hard can that be considering all the maps are all tiny. Please add in Beast!!! Then we will have three whole modes full of different play styles to suit everyone’s liking

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Octus or Dana said on a dev stream that even with Jack’s Hijack ability existing, it is not an automatic confirmation or guarantee Beast Mode is ever coming to Gears 5.

Why? Because it’s not as simple as taking that hijack stuff. They would have to make an entirely different mode, which is way more work than just porting an existing UI over to something.

So can it work? Maybe. But will it come? Not likely to be anywhere in the near future.
(And I’m not sure if it’d be a great idea to add another PvE mode to split the population further.)

I would just like to put out this question, How many people actually liked beast mode?Cuz I actually don’t know.I just feel like with all of the the different enemies beast mode would have so much potential in gears 5.


Beast mode or overun would have been a good addition, shame they spend their resources on FFA in a game thats known to be a team based shooter… not long after the release of FFA i was waiting upto 15/20 minutes for a game so i’m not sure how popular the mode itself may be?

It would be awesome. But @AmicableWall421 is right. They will not be adding it too g5.

Bring back Guardian!

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I’ll agree to bringing guardian back to ranked. Only so it can die a proper death and not have to ever play it in social quick play.

I agree but better than Beast Mode would be Overrun. It was the only good thing from Judgment. If they made improvements from the J version an Overrun 2.0 Horde/PvP hybrid done right would be great

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yeah I liked those modes where it was kind of a reverse hoard mode…I always thought they were fun, I hope they can bring it back in gears 6 maybe

Gears 6 beast mode???We will just have to wait and see.I know that if Cliff was back he would have reordered everything to the state it was meant to be in.