Beast Mode and if I made it

If I could make Beast return in Gears 5 and only I could do it. This is how I would

EP: (Evolution Points) You can earn EP by killing humans. Every kill earns you 1 EP. If you execute them it gives you 2 EP.

Classes: There are 2 Classes of creatures. Infantry and Behemoth. Infantry are the Hunters, Scions, Drones and Juvies etc

Behemoth. Behemoth are Snatchers, Pouncers, Matriarchs. Stumps. Flocks.

Creatures and Cost: Infantry

Leech: 0 EP
Juvie: 0 EP. Upgrade to Popper: 1 EP
Reject: 2 EP
Imago: 2 EP
Drone: 4 EP. Upgrade to Elite Drone: 6 EP
Grenadier: 5 EP. Upgrade to Elite Grenadier: 6 EP
Hunter: 6 EP. Upgrade to Elite Hunter: 7 EP
Scion: 15 EP. Upgrade to Mulcher, Boomshot, Cryo, Dropshot: 25 EP
Warden: 30 EP

Creatures and Cost: Behemoth
Pouncer: 35 EP
Flock: 45 EP
Stump: 60 EP
Snatcher: 70 EP
Matriarch: 100 EP

Match Victory Rewards: 1,000 Gears Coins. Beast Victory Achievement. 45 Gamerscore
Match Loss Rewards: 450 Gears Coins.

Match Time: 30 Minutes
Waves: 15
Modes: Beast Frenzy, start with 10 EP and 7 waves instead of 15. 15 Minute long match.

Beast Matchmaking options: Default, Time Attack. Score Attack
Time Attack is normal Beast but with 15 minutes. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Score Attack: get highest amount of score before 30 minutes run out. The match winner is the MVP.

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Sounds great but I dont think T.C. would give out coins that way. Probably like 300 max.