Beast mode 2.0 in Gears 5

Beast Mode 2.0 in Gears 5, please. I dedicated hours to that game mode, in gears 5 it would be phenomenal. :slight_smile:

Yeah they sure will add it when the game is nearing EOL :crazy_face:


Well… We got the Locust and the Lambent back despite the fact that this game is nearing EOL. :relaxed:

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It won’t happen at this stage.

Maybe Gears 6.

It was amazing in Gears 3, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can match it without messing it up. I won’t hold my breath.


Beast mode is the best and cheapest game mode to make for this game series

Can someone explain the fascination with Beast mode? I think I only played it for the medals and achievements tied to it then never played it again.
I think with a enough time, effort and money that Beast mode could have been as replayable as Horde but it felt very barebones.

Op we are halfway through the second to last Operation. The likelihood of TC working on Beast mode for Gears 5 is astronomically low.

Or maybe there was a reason COG could be in Swarm team and vice versa few weeks ago due to a bug!?
Maybe there will be a Beast mode with the Swarm players having a blue colour instead of red!?

For me at least, Beast and Overrun were fun to play for the variety of play options and the uniqueness of the enemy types. It really did need to be expanded on in more areas, which I think Overrun did a good job with.

Gears 5 is already kind of set up for a Beast style mode with Jacks hijack. Many characters are already in a playable state, there’s already a power system that can be retooled, all we really need are new enemy types in the form of Cog, lambent, and UIR, which we kind of already have. Heck, creating a horde mode with playable locust characters would probably scratch the itch pretty will. None if that is going to happen of course, but it’s certainly possible.

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Got any evidence to back this up?

how are you comparing a massive mode like Beast to a timed event that used already existing skins and assets?

@TC_MichaelAOS did an amazing job with what he had to work with which was basicaly nothing

Tc doesn’t have to waste resources making new maps just for the mode when they can use horde/versus

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I too want to play as a ticker and shout SCOTLAND IS A COUNTRY before I blow myself up

Well its unfair to compare the Beast mode of Gears 3 to current Horde I feel, even Gears 3 horde had way more replayabillity. If it were reimagined to where you were playing against COG/Deebee AI with class abilities would be very interesting I feel. I expect them to have Overrun in Gears 6, so Beast mode will come with it at some point (maybe not at launch, but down the line)

It does still use up time. At the bare minimum they have to create like 1 or 2 setups for COG side, then they have to think about how to make it challenging for players, and extra testing etc. Overall though yeah its pretty cheap compared to Escape or how Overrun was in Judgement.

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It’s not like it’s still gonna take 5 mins to create but I see your point.

Might be misremembering stuff but wasn’t Beast Mode like a last minute thing Epic made before Gears of War 3 was close to wrapping up its development?