BEAST MODE 2.0 Gamemode (PVE)

Hey what’s up gears or should I say “groundwalkers!”
I’d like to talk about the possibility of the pve mode beast mode from gears 3 added to gears 5 through one of the new operations, I’m not asking for new pve modes every operation as its obvious there aren’t maybe as many unique ideas for such gamemodes and the versus formula is easy to manipulate hence FFA for operation 2 (Which I’m really enjoying btw, probably more hours on versus FFA than any of the other versus modes that came with the game)

I just think it’s fair seen as though pvp gets most of the attention with weapon tuning, updates and this recent FFA gamemode that players who prefer pve gameplay in gears get a taste of this extra content, so I couldnt think of anything better than something we already know about and are familiar with, the great part about this for the devs is that most if the content is already in like for example creature controls, example would have to be chapter 1 of the campaign ‘recruitment drive’ where a certain event happens that causes a certain character to have the ability of taking control over a variety of swarm enemies ranging from juvie to even the new enemy the warden.

The juvie gameplay starts at 2:18, the clip may also contain minor spoilers, you were warned.

This also isn’t the only instance we’ve been able to play as the variety of swarm creatures in the game, Jack’s hijack ability both in campaign and horde have even allowed us to play as sires and pouncers which really made me think whether TC is teasing us, because I really didn’t know how it worked but it did and it worked well, also pretty much every creature has its own execution on DBNO enemies which is very satisfying to see and do considering the original beast most only let the playable drones do executions.

So for those not entirely sure on beast mode or what it even is I’ll give you a rundown, it’s essentially a reverse horde except you are on the offensive as in this case for gears 5 for the swarm, the AI cog have preset bases built on each map and their defenses and forces get stronger as you progress through the waves with the final wave being the toughest as execution rules apply to a group of onyx guards and a jinn bot (In gears 3, it was chairmen Prescott, we don’t have a playable jinn… Yet so the bot is a great place holder) who’s artificial body is ready, progress through the waves by destroying cog forces and earning points/cash/credits to buy more powerful creatures from the swarm faction (in gears 3 it was locust ofc) creatures were unlocked in tiers through the amount of kills of points you earned and the tiers will unlock giving you access to said creatures, early waves will net you lesser cheaper creatures, but later waves will give you access to better ordnance and a brute strength be it a drones hammer burst or wardens breaker mace.

So we know what it is now so how would it all work gameplay wise, what weapons do YOU get and what weapons do cog have… we’ll start with the cog enemies.


The gears, the front line protectors of seras human population, in beast mode for gears 5 they would spawn all waves with the mininum being 2 or 3 at waves 1-2 then later waves evenly increasing in number as waves progress, the gears are trained with there standard issue lancers and gnasher shotguns, for balancing I’d see it that the cog ai only get one of each in there loadouts, with shotgun wielders scripted to be aggressive similar to the swarm grenadiers and lancer users making use of cover and distance, but ofc if personal space becomes an issue they will always have a chainsaw bayonet, these enemies can be killed as easy as a few swarm drone or grenadier with no execution rules.

DEEBEE - Peacekeepers

Slower but deadly in groups the deebee bots provide support to cog allies and act as peacekeepers to cog settlements, in beast mode 2.0 deebees would spawn alongside cog gears in groups of 4 on waves 1 to then be disengaged on wave 5 to make room for more elite units and heroes of the cog, deebees would use there standard ai with the enforcers and slow movement speed

DEEBEE - DR 1 Protectors

Dr 1 protectors are a stronger more elite version of the peacekeepers, better armor, better weapons, weapons that range from tri-shot, salvo and overkill,
At wave 5 cog are reinforced with a pair of Dr 1 protectors using overkills to replace the peacekeepers, at wave 10 and later assist jinn at wave 12, the pair of Dr 1 protectors get upgraded to tri shots, for balancing I feel the salvo protector should be left out of the equation as players with weaker creatures will have trouble supporting there team on higher difficulties.

DEEBEE - sentinels/guardians

The flying deathmachines that suppress and destroy enemies of the cog, a tri-shot guardian will spawn at wave 5, with a single salvo sentinel spawning at wave 12 to replace the guardian and assist jinn bot and her onyx.

DEEBEE - Deadeye

The robotic marksman of the deebee army, keeping distance and dispatch YOU from a far, spawning after wave 1 in varied numbers and disengaging after wave 10.

After wave 5 gears are gonna need to pack a punch with the high tier creatures on there doorstep, heroes and or cog gears will get a single silver back to use against you to defend their base to the death, at wave 12 jinn bot will use the silver back with onyx and deebee support.

They show up at wave 2, have more health than regular gears and MUST be executed, headshotted or exploded, wave 2 only reinforces the cog with 1 hero, but numbers increase as players progress the waves until wave 11, at wave 12 its just jinn bot and onyx guards reinforced by the more elite deebee units, onyx guards possess hero traits such as better weaponry, health and also cannot be executed

HERO - Marcus Fenix

Marcus fenix’s loadout consists of his custom lancer alone and bolo grenades.

HERO - Kait Diaz

Kaits loadouts consists of a retro lancer and incendiary grenades

HERO - Cole Train

Cole trains loadouts consists of the boomshot grenade launcher

HERO - Clayton Carmine

Clayton carmines loadouts consists of a mulcher on spawn (but if knocked DBNO he will have dropped the mulched) and a torque bow

HERO - Garron Paduk

Paduk’s loadouts consists of the markza and smoke grenades

HERO - Damon Baird

Bairds loadouts consists of EMBAR and shock grenades

HERO - Del walker

Dels loadouts consists of the gnasher shotgun with flashbangs

HERO - Fahz Chutani

Fahzs loadout consists of a long shot and a talon pistol

HERO - JD fenix

JDs loadout consists of lancer GL (I’ve never seen an ai use the GL alt firemode, if it’s impossible to do, probably best just having him use the primary fire mode for the fire rate) and smoke grenades

HERO - Lizze carmine

Lizzie carmines loadouts consists of… Really not sure, I’m torn between enforcer or dropshot, because balancing… Let me know what you think guys.

HERO - Samantha Byrne

Sam’s loadouts consists if the ‘claw’ light machine gun

HERO - Jinn Bot

Jinn bots loadout consists of a overkill and a silverback

HERO - Onyx Guards

The loadouts of the onyx guards consists individually of every other hero before wave 12,once wave 11 is over jinn not and her onyx guards take over.

This is just a rough overview as balancing and what spawns on what wave and what creature tier unlocks at the correct amount points earned, now over to the playable creatures, most of the creatures that aren’t drones are pretty self explanatory because they don’t require in game weapons or loadouts, for balancing my main focus is the drones and scions


Loadout is hammerburst, slow melee attacks (As if you were using hijack of a swarm drone ai in campaign)

SWARM DRONE ELITE (And no I don’t mean the swarm soldier elite with the claw)

Loadout is mk1 lancer with bolo grenades, slow melee speed, but has a chainsaw… sooo.


Loadout is gnasher shotgun and bolo grenades, slow melee speed.

SWARM HUNTER (Not elite hunter specifically)
Loadout is Markza, fast knife melee speed.

Loadout is EMBAR and shock grenades, slow melee speed.

Guess what his weapon is.


Loadout is buzz kill and the ability to buff or heal the other creatures (apart any creature that’s better than them or other scions) if we don’t want a complete kantus clone, just change it to a small timed health regen to be new.

And that is my best explanation of what beast mode 2.0 could look like for gears 5, you’d only need look at the first beast mode for further consistency of the mode, I understand fortifications aren’t set at fixed positions and are neither tied to bases anymore, so I recommend just making preset bases for each map at least 2 or 3 so incase of fail or new round the base will always be in one of 3 spots on each map.

So thats a wrap let me know what you think of beast mode 2.0 and whether youd like to see it or not.


Looks cool. An updated Beast mode would be awesome.

From a lore standpoint, I like how you’ve put the Deebees on the Cog side, but from a gameplay standpoint, I’m a little sick of dismantling even more bots. I’d rather have fewer bots in the earlier waves and have more variety in the cog gears, like snipers, and add in UIR or something.

Fun stuff though :+1:

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TC should definitely hire you
Great job!


Perhaps adding a one or two snipers to the cog gears variety in weapons won’t hurt, I just know on difficulties like master this is gonna be infuriating to go up against, but then again there’s a lot of variety in what the swarm have, I also had a thought for earlier waves say waves 1 - 3, you said UIR which I agree would be prettty cool, perhaps depending on the map will be the deciding factor of the enemies on that spawn at these waves so for example, vasgar = you could have a few vasgar nomads from the campaign equipped with hammer bursts gnasher of markza as well as paduk being the first hero to spawn after wave 1, the nomads could also be supported by two UIR soldiers with markzas, after wave 3 end they get reinforced by cog units and heroes, am I know what you mean about the deebees just didn’t want them to get left out, but I feel maps like district and training grounds would be really fitting for those types of enemies, glad to see we see eye to eye though :+1:

EDIT: @Pankerizate thank you that means a lot
@Jaylin117x thank you for showing support


Where did you get that close up picture of the Scion? The last pic?

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I just typed in ‘Gears of war 4 scion speaker’ and copped and cropped it from Google images, steal from this thread if you want Idm :+1:

Lmao…Yeah, along with everyone else here who has an “idea” on how to make the game better right?

I should work at TC


After all, you are a TC Shill. Your name confirms it.

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I mean I have plenty of friends who enjoyed the mode on gears 3, but say they wouldn’t touch gears 5, I just think as well as draw in more players it’ll enable them to give the rest of the game a chance and see the fun it has to offer, needs work and isn’t perfect but you can still have fun.

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I would love to have it too. I enjoyed it myself. Every one here has an idea on to make the game better. It’s not often TC will listen to these ideas or they will take the credit for them.


Imagine if Clown turned out to be Ron Fergusson? :grin:

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I would never come back here


Yesssssss!!! My buddies and i have wished/hoped for this since Gears 4! It would be amazing :heart_eyes:


It’s people like you that need to be working at TC. As much as i would LOVE to see this i doubt it will be added in unfortunately. TC will probably make some sad excuse that its too much work or whatever if they even look at the forums.

In the odd case that they do though, @TC_Octus please bring this up with the team.

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I love your dedication for this game!

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Hay tc if poserbal can you add in a makanik two skrp dupileket skill cards pleas for hord and eskap pleas

Thanks guys, It’s a compliment to be compared to a dev, but honestly I only try to inspire fun gameplay in any ideas I share, putting it simply its only really my passion and playtime that springs the ideas, so my knowledge on how this game truly works probably isn’t up to par as anyone who works at TC, I just think as a player I just know what I’d like to see and what I think could benefit this game, beast mode 2. 0 could massively increase the player count for Gears 5 and there’s nothing wrong with drowning in content be it modes, maps and features.
Thanks for the support guys


Beast Mode would be awesome and would bring me back to the game.


This won’t happen. Would bring some fun. Usually they are patching out what people like. But here… you can buy some more skins